Microsoft Office 365: Satisfied With Its Success Living in the Cloud

Sara Cunningham April 19, 2013 0

Microsoft finally had enough and gave into the cloud. It has released its own version of cloud office suite, the Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft has been the major office suite used by everyone around the world may it be in office, home, student or personal. It is also the company’s answer to the pressure Google Apps is giving.

Google has been living in the cloud for quite some time now and since then had a series of increase in its number of users. It also aims to take away 90% of Microsoft’s customers and eventually use what Google has to offer.

Microsoft 365 Satisfied with Its Success Living in the Cloud 2

However, Microsoft never failed to battle against Google in retaining its customers and came up with the release of Microsoft Office 365. This software isn’t just useful for large businesses but also for small enterprises.

Access to Files Online – Anytime, Anywhere

The software makes it easy for small or big enterprises to access the files online. The user only needs a computer, smartphone, tablet or a laptop and an internet connection to be able to access the system’s files online. The device only has to access the Microsoft Media Center which stores all the files.

This feature also maintains the authenticity and the truth in every file. Every single file can be viewed by all of the people who have access to it and everyone will be updated whenever there are changes made. SharePoint Online, one of the key features of the software has its own way of keeping the files as secure as possible. The user can specify a file that can’t be edited by anyone else who can view it with the help of the feature.

Easier IT Control

The IT personnel are the ones who fix any error in the system after discovering what’s wrong. But, with Microsoft 365, it’s much faster and easier for them to find out the errors and fix it in no time. Since, the files are stored in the cloud; most of the errors would be caused by the users. The software automatically repairs whatever goes wrong with the system files with the assistance of the administrators.

Aside from that, here are some of the key features of Microsoft 365.

  • Excellent Admin Page

It admin page makes the staff manage the different services of the software

  • Service Status

It makes it abrupt and easier for IT personnel to fix errors even before it gets worse.

  • Exchange Online ActiveSync

This is something that smartphone users will enjoy. It implements policies, hardware control and stronger passwords.

  • SharePoint Online and Outlook Functionality

It allows the team to invite external users even using different addresses. Its Outlook application also gives the same functionality that users are used to after using the previous software.

Microsoft offers this software with a subscription. For $6 a month, any enterprise will be able to benefit all of the features it has to offer. At the same time, the company offers a good amount of discount to students who want to use the software.

This could just be the biggest leap Microsoft has ever done in its history. It has gotten good sales reports since its release. But the company has never released an official statement on how good it’s been doing. We will have to see in a few months or years from now if it will continue to maintain a good reception from its users.

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