Sony Xperia ZL: Worth the Price for the Specs?

Heidi Speare April 21, 2013 0


The new Sony Xperia ZL has more to offer than its predecessor Xpira Z. It is little bit over-priced and this device is no impulse buy. If you want to own this device you need to pay $759.99 and let’s take a look if it’s worth the price for all the specs and performances.


The people who were in charge for the design, used the current language to bring the dark-black slab on this device. It has a rectangle shape and some glossy edges which enables this device to be placed right next to the HDTV sets and the equipment for home theater. If you expected some luxurious quality equal to the previous Xperia Z device, you won’t find it here. This handset doesn’t include water/dust resistant chassis. For the chassis, they have included plastic back and not premium material for the glass. However the back cover is making the touch smoother and offers some nice grip.

It’s just 0.38-inches thick which make it easy to put it into your tight pockets. It has 5-inch display and total size 5.18-icnhes tall and 2.7-inches wide. This device has quite some heft too and it weighs 5.33 ounces. The physical controls are sparse and on the right edge you can notice the volume buttons, shutter button and the power key. The circular power key is placed on the right side at the center of the handset. On the left side there is the MicroUSB port and 3.55mm jack for your headphones.


The front-facing camera is placed below the screen on the bottom’s right corner. This is strange spot for a front-facing camera but it brings very different experience. When some alerts come in to the phone, the notification light which is placed under the display pulses in several different colors. On the back there is the main camera which is equipped with 13-mpixels and it has a LED flash.


The screen has full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution and this device has plenty to offer with its screen visual impact. The detail is very sharp and the colors are amazingly vibrant. But this screen isn’t the most impressive I have seen, the viewing angles were little bit shallow. The screen is brighter than HTC One’s but the second device has much better and wider viewing angles which brings stunning video and images.

Software, UI, Hardware

Without a doubt, the company has brought the making of the Xperia ZL to another level. This device runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OS and it supports all the features. Xperia ZL is offering power and flexibility of a modern Android and has an added support for some other services from Google including the Google Now’s search capabilities. It doesn’t run pure version of the Android, instead includes some UI skin from Sony which is grafter over it.



Under the hood there is 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor which is powered by 2GB of RAM. It is equipped with 16 GB internal storage.

Battery Life and Camera

The battery life of this device is not satisfying enough. Maybe it’s because the screen is bright, energy-hungry and big. From all the tastings for a VBD benchmark we could notice that the battery lasts only 5 hours and 42 minutes. There is battery stamina mode included on this phone which engages more run tame.

The camera software brings wide range of several features, settings and scene modes. These are packed in an interface which came out directly from the company’s cameras. The camera shoots outstanding images with great quality for a smartphone. The camera includes many features like HDR and panorama. The phone is best in shooting images from up close or in camera’s macro feature.



All in all, this device has something interesting on it, but for a price of $759.99 you can get something much better. For even less dollars, the HTC One offers something better alluding on the internal storage, screen, and the build quality. We are bringing out the pros and cons about this device:

Pros: Thin, big screen, bright display, good processor, great quality of the call, excellent pictures took from the camera.

Cons: To expensive for these specs, week battery life, and sluggish camera.





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