Best Smartwatch Yet: iPod Nano

Heidi Speare April 21, 2013 8
Best Smartwatch Yet: iPod Nano


Maybe it sounds too strange for you but there is a way iPod Nano to be the best smartwatch out there yet. I will show you our point of view and why we think this is the case with this device. I’ll just say I truly believe Nano can easily outclass these latest wearable tech devices. Now read the whole story.

After the latest smartwatch reviews and all that sleepless nights trying to understand the full features and specifications, somehow I’ve found my iPod Nano hidden in some unopened drawer. This outstanding device that is not even sold anymore from Apple it’s a MP3 player attached to a metal watchband. All of these “greatest” smartwatches didn’t feel same as this old Nano device. When I have slipped on my wrist I’ve said to it: you are still better-looking than any of them.

Its perfect shaped design which feels like a place where glass, metal and some nerdy watch faces had their first meeting. Maybe it’s because it’s made by Apple, or maybe it’s some kind of an addition of Hex watchband (gunmetal), anyway Nano with its elegant form feels very progressive for a smartwatch design. And what’s the funniest part, it wasn’t intended to work as a smartwatch.


For the most part, smartwatches these days are looking like they’ve been designed from the similar inspiration. To be honest, I don’t like either of them. Maybe the Martian and Pebble have some style on them. The Martian looks sharp but it has some retro features equipped on it. Pebble is a little bit geeky and with the plastic chassis veer into fun-toy land. The other smartwatches like the one from Sony – its interface doesn’t feel very much like a wearable device. Metawatch and I’m Watch both look like they have been expelled from some gift shops.

iPod Nano (as a watch) works perfectly but with some limitations. It shows the time, its battery life lasts from a day to a week (depends how you are using it). It’s equipped with 12 perfect watch faces that are variation from full nerd-out to classic feature. It tracks your running with its integrated feature for it and it has Nike pedometer. iPod Nano is an excellent tool for Jets games with its FM radio. It lacks Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but if this device were made today, without a doubt it will include these features. You need iTunes synchronization in order to transfer some music on it. Be aware, you cannot dive with it.

While writing this, I felt more addicted to it and I wished for a real smartwatch from Apple. They seem like the perfect manufacturers and there is no doubt they will make a wearable device which will leave us without a breath. I prefer the iWatch to have the same design as the Nano and these two previously mentioned features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can try and compare it by yourself, but I’m sure you will have this same opinion.


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