HTC One Now Available at Retailers Nationwide

Heidi Speare April 21, 2013 0


This device was finally made available nationwide. HTC One, which was described like the ideal smartphone or a beautiful beast, was made available yesterday by some of the US carriers. Sprint and AT&T are the first to introduce it, but it will be carried by some other retailers too.

The users waiting for this device ended yesterday and you can finally buy this HTC One device from your favorite retailer. You can purchase it both from several stores of the retailers and it’s been made available online. As we said earlier, it’s offered by Sprint and AT&T and you can order it online through them or you can buy it in their outlet stores. You can find this smartphone at some other stores like RadioShack, Best Buy, Walmart,, Target, Car Toys, Costco, Sam’s Club, and

AT&T offers the 32 GB version of HTC One for $199 and the 64 GB version for $299. Both of them are offered with AT&T’s standard contract for two years. The other carrier, Sprint, offers this device for $199 for the 32 GB version of the device. Sprint offers some different option for purchasing this device. You can buy it for $99 if you are switching to Sprint from another carrier and carry over the same number. T-Mobile is selling HTC One’s 16 GB version for $99 and monthly payment of $20. Like the others, T-Mobile is offering this smartphone online but as for the stores it will hit them on 24th of April.



You can only choose the silver version of this device, as for the black version, the people from HTC said it will be made available in the upcoming weeks. The major carrier of this device is Verizon and some rumors from earlier, this device will land at Verizon Wireless. Neither of them has confirmed this rumor.

Previously, the launching of this device was delayed by some shortages of the components. This was reported by Benjamin Ho, who is a CMO at HTC. He said that they have some complications and they are short on cameras because it was designed especially for this device. He added that this situation came because the production of the camera cannot be made on such a short notice.

But some other source close to HTC has reported that these shortages happened because HTC has some sour relationship with the suppliers. This delay affected the profits of the first-quarter which noticed $2.85 million from $363 million for the last quarter.

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