Users Can Use WhatsApp Messenger to Text Free

Jasmina Lozevska April 21, 2013 7

Maybe you are familiar with this application but if not, WhatsApp Messenger lets you to chat free of charge with anyone who have previously installed this application on their devices. It offers some extra features which are equally useful just to make the texting fun. With the installing of this application, at least you will save money on texting. The only thing that is annoying – you need to search for friends who have this application installed in order to contact them. If your friends didn’t have installed it, convince them to do that and start communicating.

Its interface is similar to the iMessage for iOS because it’s showing the chat messages in little cute text bubbles. On the bubbles, you can notice the time stamp, notification when the message is received or viewed and it will let you to include emotions, photos, videos and even audio notes. In order to make it more beautiful, you can change the background if you want and you can even send your GPS location. You can even block specific contacts and set some notes to the users like “Available”, “I’m Busy” or “My battery will die”. The contact information is sent on easiest way you’ve seen ever, and you can send it without exiting the application.

It supports group messages feature and this application does it really well. There is a feature which lets you create groups of sorted contacts. It has some amazing features and they are offering a little bit more than what you can get from the other message application of this kind.


The best advantage from this application is the money you save for SMS communication. With the installing of this application on your device and some regular cooperation from your friends and family you can get the carrier’s lowest-cost plan for texting and save money on your monthly payment.

If you are using iOS device, you can find this application on your mobile market for a current price of 99 cents, but if you are an Android device user WhatsApp Messenger is free of charge. If you followed this application on iTunes, you must have noticed that this app went sometime free and sometimes was charged with 99 cents. There is different experience on Android. After a yearly usage of the application you need to pay a subscription fee of 99 cents. According to some sources, iOS will bring the same subscription fee of 99 cents sometime this year.

All in all, this messenger is not very different from the other text services. If you are addicted to texting this application is a must-have on your device. It will give you unlimited texts which you can send for free and to your friends. You don’t need to worry about extra charges, they don’t exist.

For the conclusion I will tell you the pros and cons about this application.

–       Pros: Free text messages, Neat tools for customization, group chats features, all the adding features are really great additions.

–       Cons: Convincing friends for installing this application


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