Sources Citing Cheap Tablets and Laptops will be Boasting Google and Microsoft OSes

Jasmina Lozevska April 21, 2013 0

Lots of rumors were floating around the web saying that Intel will produce some cheap tablets and laptops. The analysts have different opinion about this, some of them saying that it will be good step for the company, others saying they don’t need this. This new rumor shows these cheap devices will be boosting on Google and Microsoft OSes.

This report came from several analysts and a source which claimed good knowledge and closeness to Intel’s future plans. All this started when the past week, Paul Otellini who is CEO in this company, announced that they plan to launch some new touch devices (laptops and tablets) and they will be low-priced starting from $200. The cheapest devices may be non-Windows based systems and according to some sources Windows 8 came as not-necessarily OS option. It was originally reported like this and basically Intel is focusing on launching them somewhere this year.

The sources have added that there are some Android based devices priced as low as $200 and Intel will try to take over the Android market this year as well. A report announced on Friday indicated that Intel is working on convertible notebooks which will boost Android OS. Beside this, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP, Toshiba are all lined up for releasing products in these upcoming months.


Keeping this on mind, Bob O’Donnell from IDC reported that he might heard some chatter about a 7-inch tablet Windows 8 based and equipped with Intel Atom chip processors. According to him, if you want to own these devices you’ll need to pay $299. Craig Stice from HIS iSuppli said that Win 8 devices priced $200 to $300 are not out of the picture yet. He added that these tablets will be three times cheaper than a PC and that is a huge barrier for the PC world. He thinks that this price barrier is a big reason for struggling PC market which barely endured last year. Craig continued and said if PC makers want to stay within the market they need to lower their prices to those $200 to $300 markers. With this they will have much wider playing field and they will receive a positive effect.

This past Thursday, Microsoft has said their future small products will be priced just to be compatible on the market. This was said by Peter Klein financial chief officer in Microsoft who added that they are working very hard with their PC makers on new line small touch-screen devices boosted by Windows. He noted that these devices will be launched in near future.  According to the source, the rumored discounting for the Office software and for licensed Windows 8, $200 device made by Microsoft will be difficult to sell for a profit.


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