60 Minutes Twitter Account Hacked with Fake Tweets

Jasmina Lozevska April 22, 2013 0

Hackers, Hackers everywhere. A recent report showed up saying that hackers have been sending numerous tweets from the “60 minutes” account on Twitter. CBS has confirmed this situation and this account wasn’t the only goal for the hackers. “48 hours” was hacked, too and the tweets accused US for aiding terrorists.

The network has confirmed this attack, saying that they have experienced some inappropriate tweets and problems on the Twitter’s “60 minutes” and “48 Hours” accounts. They have apologized for all the inconvenience and said that Twitter is trying to resolve the issues. “60 Minutes” has noted that their Twitter profile has been hacked and they are working hard and fast to resolve the issues.

The tweets which were twitted from the “60 minutes” hacked account included:

Exclusive: Terror is striking the #USA and #Obama is Shamelessly in Bed with Al-Qaeda.

And some other reports indicated that from this account they saw this tweet:

New Evidence of CIA Arming Al Qaeda Terrorists in #Syria

And this one:

WMDs Provided by NATO to Al-Qaeda for a False Flag Operation in #Syria

These tweets have been taken down right away and since then Arik Hesseldahl posted some screenshots at All Things Digital. As reported, these tweers also included some links which leaded to some unsecured malware web pages in order to spread some viruses.


Syrian Electronic Army, which is a group of some government hackers from Syria, has been claiming that they are responsible for the Twitter attack. This has happened earlier today and these hackers are pro-Syrian. We’ve seen attack of this kind last month when the weather service from BBC has been compromised by the very same group of Syrian hackers. It was reported that this Army is supporting the president of Syria, Bashar Assad. Only last year, Reuters has noticed some inappropriate stories on their site which involved the Middle East. The other victim of similar attack was Al-Jazeera. This situation was different and these hackers compromised the network with some service that was sending short messages and fake texts.

This came right after the Texas and Boston bombings. Something is happening in the US but let’s not make big deal out of this because this hacking can be from some other people for different purposes. The social networks must do something to strengthen their security in order to prevent these hacker attacks.


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