Google Glass Auction Snafued By Google Activists

Jaycee De Guzman April 22, 2013 0
Google Glass Auction Snafued By Google Activists


Some activists from Google tried to sabotage the auction of this Google Glass wearable gadget. We are talking about a student who won in some competition called “if I had Glass” and tried to sell the glasses on eBay. He was met by the opposition there and in his defense, he said that he done that in order to pay his student loans.

Recently, Google has announced the winners who will get the first look or the first Google Glass examples. And while we were focusing on them, some of them reported some of the Glass’s activities and some of them reported a couple of movies for all to see. But, the most intriguing activity was trying to make money out of their gadgets.

Before the winners of this contest were announced, a gentleman offered his pair of glasses (which he didn’t had) on eBay and attracted high bids which went up to $15,000. He wasn’t the only one. The other one who tried and failed to reach an agreement for its pair of Google Explorer version of the glasses was the person who was awarded with it. As the reports showed, a student called Ed, who didn’t revealed his full name tried to sell his new gadget on eBay. He offered the gadget on this network because he was motivated by his high loans as a student. He needed some money, to be exact. I see a good reason here, whatever that means…



One bidder offered a price as high as $95,000 and he must felt very excited. But the excitement lasted only for a few moments. Ed didn’t even know that the company had strict causes for the owners who try to resell or even try to lend their wearable technology to someone else. Google can even order to seize up the product right away from your hands.

This guy ended withdrawing the offer. He told the whole marketplace that he was tired of being harassed by some of the Google’s enthusiasts. Some of you might find this touching but in a world that is so twisted everything is possible.

However, Google is not the only company that has a several restrictions after they sell you a device. This restriction goes so far that Google is forbidding the developers that they can’t even put ads on their pair of Google Glass. The representatives in Google have certain explanation about this. This explorer program is about taking this Glass in the world without ads and seeing what is possible through the technology. They are truly hopeful the Explorer users will be excited to bring this experience to themselves.

Freedom now is not what it used to be in the past. We can all agree on that, don’t you think?

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