Online Fundraising Boston Marathon Tragedy Websites Getting Droves of Supporters

Jasmina Lozevska April 22, 2013 0
Online Fundraising Boston Marathon Tragedy Websites Getting Droves of Supporters

Some strangers stepped up to boost funding efforts for the injured victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. These sites were set by families and friends of the victims and they are giving the world a good reason to help. And they have received positive income from the people around the world, which is a great thing to hear, I must note!

“Bucks for Bauman” was able to raise over $192,000 just in 2 days. This fundraiser site was made for the 27-year old spectator of the marathon Jeff Bauman who unfortunately lost his both legs. As was reported earlier, Jeff has helped the police ID the suspects for the bombing from his hospital bed. “Every dollar counts!!” reads the main message which was sent to the people on the site that was started by Brooke Gibbs.

Another site of this kind “Celeste & Sydney” raised $396,000 of the $500,000 goal mark to help Celeste Corcoran and her daughter Sydney. The mother, Celeste, lost hers both legs and the daughter Sydney has suffered several injuries. This site was started by Alyssa Carter. She is Celeste’s cousin and she said that ahead of them is a long emotional and physical road and they are here to help the financial border around this family. A post on the site reported that both of them are doing just great and they are improving their health every day.

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The newlyweds Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes both lost their left leg in the blasts. Some of their friends started a campaign “Give Forward” in order to raise money for all of the surgeries and to cover the rehabilitation costs. They have risen over $438,000 and they are heading toward a goal of $500,000. Leanne Hartmann, who is a contributor to the fundraiser, wrote that she doesn’t know them personally but when somebody from the BC community is affected by something all of them are feeling obligated to help them. She wished them a fast recovery.

Another campaign which was started for Ann and Eric Whalley, who are longtime residents in Massachusetts area, has raised $83,000 from the $100,000 goal. Both of them are 65-year old and were injured while cheered the runners. Eric has a brain trauma and some external injuries. This fundraiser has been started by their family friends.

This is a great reminder of people’s humanity and generosity. Funds came all the way from China, England, Sweden and Russia. Unfortunately, malware has been reported which used this events as bait for raising money. But, these kinds of scams are yet to be reported. The experts recommended in order to help raise money do some research before you give your money. You can even contact the organizers of the campaign before you donate.

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