What Alterations Need to Be Made to Windows 8?

Alex Bezeau April 22, 2013 0
What Alterations Need to Be Made to Windows 8?


Since the launching of Windows 8 from Microsoft some analysts were voicing discontent about the integration with Windows 8 and their touch-screen devices. All the surface pro devices could use some innovational features from Windows 8 in order to take advantage of its touch capabilities. I personally adore the potential in Surface Pro but it needs something to boost its features.

So keeping it this on mind, we bring ourselves into a position to believe that Windows 8 is bad news for the Surface pro devices. I’ve made one comparison. I used an iPad for a day then the other day I switched to Windows 8 touch device. I felt a huge difference between them. Windows 8 reminds me a lot of Windows 7 touch with some splash-screen Metro style incorporated in it. So besides the browser and the other interesting transitions which are touch-based, Windows 8 is pretty similar to the Windows 7.

I have a simple and interesting example about describing how Windows 8 is nothing new and it is a bad fit for these touch-screen devices. If you have your Surface Pro in front of you, open the Word application. After the launching try and tap some of the Word’s features. It’s pretty much difficult isn’t it? – It requires a perfect finger precision in order to launch something. This means only one thing: It will function better with a keyboard and mouse.



I’m not the first one to noticed this problem, other analysts and users felt frustrated with this simple problem on first sight. It’s big because this Surface Pro needs to be perfect example of the Win 8 touch experience. This leads me to the good side of the Surface device. If you look at it very closely, it’s perfectly shaped and thin laptop. You will not get the same lightweight experience from the other devices of this kind. As you already know this Surface Pro has a touch-screen feature which really makes sense and its making it must-have device.

Panos Panay who is the “head” in this Surface Pro business from Microsoft said that this PC is made to be the fastest device for you to pick up. According to him, this device is firstly manufactured as a PC. We are all agreeing with that. This Surface Pro is perfect laptop that waits the next upgraded Windows 8 OS to make it even greater touch-screen device.

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