Yahoo Phasing Out Some Major Products to “Clean Up” the Clutter

Jasmina Lozevska April 22, 2013 0
Yahoo Phasing Out Some Major Products to “Clean Up” the Clutter

All the other news and e-mail-based platforms are focusing on developing new and innovative products, but Yahoo is trying to do something else. As reports say, they are making a “Clean Up” to the clutter. Excluding some major products will bring this company to a different level from the others. They are shutting down SMS Alerts, Yahoo Deals and all the Mail and Messenger applications for the feature phones by the end of this month.

These plans are announced directly by the company, which reported that they are cleaning some space for the spring. This can be interpreted on several ways, either they are losing some grip or they are cleaning space for something more useful and better. According to the Jay Rossiter, a vice president in Yahoo, this “cleaning” is all about making a space for some new products.

On their blog post he wrote last month, they have announced that they want to make some different experiences for you that will entertain and inspire you every day. This means closer to all of our existing products in order to make sure they are your daily routine. This shutting down of several products it’s just part of the process. He added that he knows this change will be hard, but these tough decisions will strengthen our focus and energy for building some new beautiful products for you and your devices.


As we said earlier Yahoo is killing Yahoo Deals, Upcoming, Yahoo SMS alerts, Yahoo Mail & Yahoo Messenger, and Yahoo kids by the end of April. This company also has its focus over axing the Yahoo Mail’s older versions which will start at June 3. The consumers who have used this Classic Yahoo Mail will need to switch to the newer version of the same product.

On the blog post you can find the reasons why they are shutting down these products and some useful information of how to download your information from the site, details about the products, and some ways of making these products available to you again. Maybe Yahoo will bring some ne experience to the users with some new products by the end of this year. However, changes every now and then are always good for any company that is out there. There is no doubt that Yahoo will offer something that they were working hard on it.

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