Apple’s CEO Claims OLED Displays are a Travesty

Heidi Speare February 14, 2013 0
Apple’s CEO Claims OLED Displays are a Travesty


Tim Cook , notorious Apple CEO made a statement yesterday expressing his extreme distaste for the (organic light-emitting diode) OLED displays- while boasting the retina display as the better of the two for providing users with a “superior experience.”

OLED displays

Tim Cook made it very apparent that he favors Retina displays over their rival OLED displays as he compared the two while serving as a guest speaker at the Goldman Sachs conference held in San Francisco, yesterday. He said “you can’t trust the color accuracy of OLED displays.” And also refers the user experience with OLED displays “as just awful.”

He also warned consumers that, “If you ever buy anything online and really want to know what he color is, as many people do, you should really think twice before you depend on the color from an OLED display.”

Although Cook spoke fiercely in opposition to OLED displays, he referred to the retina displays by Apple as providers of a “superior experience” and further claims it is twice as bright as the OLEDs.

He claimed this as he answered a question in reference to the future of Apple developing an iPhone with a larger display similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3. He did not directly address the question, and appeared to avoid comments about any future plans to enlarge the display of the iPhone. Although he did further his statement with a shot at the manufacturers that do produce larger displays on their devices saying that it can deter from their viewing experience.

What Apple’s main focus is- is that of providing users with the ultimate experience, and that they do not want to cross those dynamics of other smartphone and gadgets manufacturers who appear to market their products with price and specifications.

Cook finishes his statement off with this quote:

“What Apple does is sweat every little detail,” he said. “We want the best display, and I think we got it.”


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