PlayStation Vita Teams Up With Jak and Daxter Trilogy

Sara Cunningham April 22, 2013 0

Sony has been one of the leading creators of gaming consoles especially loved by children and young adults. But, a year ago, it released the PlayStation Vita which is known to be the gaming console system for adults. It was released in India a year ago and people have been waiting for more games to be added to its library.

It looks fabulous on the outside and never fails to give out a crisp resolution on its display. It retains the build of the PSP with a 5 inch display that features OLED. For sure, Sony didn’t screw up on the build and design of this console and yet, users continue to wait for more of what it has to offer.

PlayStation Vita Teams Up with Jak and Daxter Trilogy 2

Recently, Sony announced that the Jak and Daxter Trilogy game will be released very soon on the PlayStation Vita. It is said to be released for the console come June of this year. The said game is already available on the PlayStation 3. This game will be available as a touch-based game for the Vita. It is one of the features that users are really excited about.

The Jak and Daxter Trilogy game has been a phenomenal one for all the game enthusiasts. It has been very successful since its release and is proudly created by Naughty Dog – a company of well-driven game creators in the market. This is a series which has a complete game spin-off and has been part of the game’s full plot, was exclusively created and released only for the PlayStation gaming consoles.

Each chapter of the game has a storyline and includes so many puzzles for the gamer to enjoy solving. Like any other games, it has a goal to achieve in avoiding several antagonists and obstacles. It is also kind enough to provide the gamers an array of transport vehicles and weapon to choose from.

The plot of the story starts with two friends, Jak and Daxter who live in an unknown planet and tries to unlock and discover the many different mysteries and secrets behind the history of their planet. Its then lead the characters to several locations, both in the past, present and in the future.

The game was initially released on the PlayStation 3 but later became available on the other gaming consoles from Sony. Having this game available soon on the Vita is something that users are happy about, knowing that the PlayStation Vita didn’t have much of a good set of games in the past year.

This game also offers a trophy system from PlayStation Network and is said to be available in the Vita too. Sony might have felt the need to upgrade its games due to the rapid improvement of other devices which include Nintendo, smartphones and even tablets.

Many enthusiasts have been hesitant in investing their money on the Vita. However, knowing that another successful game series has added to its collection, it could just be a major step-up for Sony to increase Vita sales. It has been known that Vita didn’t catch much of the attention of the gamers since its release. For now, we will have to wait and see on how the Jak and Daxter game will change the reputation of the PlayStation Vita.

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