Verizon Will Carry Nokia’s Latest Flagship – The Nokia Lumia 928

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Verizon Will Carry Nokia’s Latest Flagship – The Nokia Lumia 928

Verizon – one of the top mobile carriers in the United States has partnered with the leading Smartphone brands. It has been rumored that Nokia’s newest flagship will be carried by the carrier instead of AT&T. The phone has been rumored to be designed for the carrier.

Nokia has faced a number of challenging years since Samsung and Apple paved its way to stardom in the mobile market. But, it continues to release the same quality in connecting people even though it’s faced with a very big challenge through the years. Now, it continues to release phones that may just gain its popularity back.

Verizon will Carry Nokia’s Latest Flagship – the Nokia Lumia 928 2

Verizon Communications on the other hand is one of America’s leading mobile carriers. It’s an American telecommunications and broadband company which offers different phone packages to its consumers. According to a source, Verizon would not have accepted the deal if it was offered only in black color.

However, it’s Nokia and what else can we say? Nokia, ever since, produced phones in different colors which makes it more appealing to customers. Nokia though is having a hard time dealing with the leading brands carrying Android phones and has been out of the spotlight lately.

Let’s take a closer look at Nokia Lumia 928’s specifications.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is going to be available in white and will have an AMOLED display which will give a better resolution on any kind of graphics or images. It is said to be thinner than the previous models and will carry a Xenon flash on its camera. It looks different from the other models in its line.

It is a phone powered by Windows 8 and can cater 3G and 4G connections. Even though it isn’t confirmed yet, it’s good to know that it’s going to cater LTE connections. Instead of having a polycarbonate foundation, Nokia will be releasing this phone with an aluminum chassis. It has sturdy squared edges and should be thinner than the usual Nokia Windows phone. It totally looks different from the other Windows phone released.

All of the other details and specifications of this phone aren’t released in the media yet. Since, the company is still in the middle of finalizing every single detail about this phone. One thing may be close to reality that this phone is designed and will be distributed by Verizon.

All of the details regarding the Nokia Lumia 928 aren’t clear yet but it should be something really different now that made Verizon decide on including it on its packages. The phone is expected to perform way better than the rest and is rumored to hit the market in April 25.

According to rumors, the phone will be available on an early sale on the first few weeks of May. For whatever reason, we don’t know. It isn’t confirmed yet, but analysts predict the sale dates to be within May 2 – May 9.

We are unsure yet of this information, it’ll only be concluded once Nokia or Verizon gets out of its way and release a confirmed statement about this. The truth is that, consumers are expecting more from Nokia as of this time, knowing that one of the most trusted broadband companies will carry its flagship.

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