Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3 ETA September 2013

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3 ETA September 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the latest Galaxy note Smartphone, will be unveiled this coming September in the biggest consumer electronics and home appliances fair in Berlin known as IFA. IFA stands for Internationale Funkausstellung. The unveiling event will happen on September 6, 2013, the first day of the 6-day long Trade Fair.

Rumors From Gadget Spies

What to expect from this latest offering of Samsung? Rumors have it that the Galaxy Note 3, which will be unveiled just in time for the Christmas shopping season, has a whopping 6.3 inch screen with the same OLED technology and HD resolution of Samsung Galaxy S4. That will be great news if that were true, but it’s still all speculation as some say that it’s only equipped with a 5.9 inch OLED screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3 ETA September 2013 1

Galaxy Tab 3 Specs Speculations

Samsung is keeping the specs of their new products under close wrap.  Accurate details are hard to come by, but our spies say that some insiders from Samsung at least drop some hints enough to whet the appetites of Tablet fans out there. The soon to come out Galaxy Tab 3 is rumored to have a 10.1 inch screen panel, though others say that it’s coming with a 7 inch screen only. We will only know for sure once we get our first glimpse of it on September.

Technical Specs and Spices

The following are just some of the possible  visual and technical specifications of the upcoming Galaxy Note 3:

ü  6.3 or 5.9 inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode)  screen

ü  Full HD 1020 x 1920 screen resolution

ü  Exynos 5 Octa 8-core processor

ü  13 megapixel camera

ü  16 GB/ 32 GB RAM

ü  Micro SD slot up to 64 GB

ü  Android  4.2 or 5.0

We have here just speculations but looking at the following specs, we can’t help but be intrigued with these new Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tablet 3 duo from Samsung.

What’s the Competition?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also dubbed as phablet, combination of Smartphone and tablet do have some competitors in the market.  Below are just some of the new tablets debuting this year:

ü  Razer Edge/ Edge Pro Windows 8  Pro 10.1 inch screen core i5 to i7

ü  Archos 80 Platinum Android 4.1 8 inches 1.2 GHZ Quad Core

ü  Archos 97 Platinum HD Android 4.1 9.7 inches 1.2 GHZ Quad Core

ü  Asus Fonepad  Android 4.1 7 inches 1.2 GHZ Atom

ü  HP EliteBook Revolve  Windows 8 Pro 11.8 inches Intel Ivy Bridge

ü  ZTE V81  Android 4.1 8 inches  1.4 GHZ Dual-Core

ü  Sony Experia Tablet Z Android 4.1 10. 1 inches 1.5 GHZ Snapdragon S4

These are just some of the competition that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has to contend with. Most of the above tablets will be released this March, or some of them may already have been released in the market, except for Sony’s Experia Tablet Z which is due to be released April 13 in Japan and April 15 in the UK.

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