New iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 be Delayed Says Analyst

Sara Cunningham April 23, 2013 0
New iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 be Delayed Says Analyst

Finally something new about Apple’s iPhone 5S and the new iPhone 6, which are scheduled to be unveiled sometime this year. The news isn’t great though, but it’s still something. An analyst report from Citibank who goes by the name Glen Yeung said that Apple’s new devices will face some delays because of inventory issues. The delays will be until September and from there, we can expect these new iPhones out on the market shelves.

The very much expected iPhone 5S will face some extended delay in its delivery. This device isn’t the only one which will suffer some demands. According to this research the iPad Mini also face some soft demand.

This research firm previously has written that this iPhone 5S device was delayed from June to July. Glen Yeung, with some help from a research team from Taiwan-based technology firm, in his research note added that he believes we can expect one to two month further delay of the same device. It is possible, because Apple has some problems with their volume production.

This very same story has been reported by Peter Misek who is an analyst in Jefferies. Last week he announced that iPhone 5S and the new iPhone mini will be delayed due to production problems.


The rumors about MacBook Air with Retina display mean that this MacBook production line will be available equipped with this Retina high-resolution displays. Until now, the 13.3-inch and the other 15.4-inch MacBook models are offering this Retina display. Beside all this, Yeoung noted that he is concerned about the low demand for the iPad Mini. He expects that the Retina display will be the main upgrade in the next generation iPad Mini, which will somewhat mean higher demand figures.

For the upcoming fourth quarter Yeoung said that we can’t expect the iPhone 6 to be available. He added that as soon as we enter the fourth quarter, we can expect several products to be refreshed in that period of this year. We can expect the new iPhone 5S with better camera and normally upgraded processor, NFC and multi colored designs. We can expect the next generation iPad Mini device equipped with Retina and non-Retina features. The next generation iPad 5 will be launched with lighter, slimmer, and thinner bezel. The new MacBook Air Retina display will hit the stores by the end of the year but, we can’t expect the larger screened iPhone 6 to make its debut. He didn’t mention anything about the iPhone Mini.

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