Rumors Convey Next Samsung Smartphone to be Metal Similar to iPhone

Jasmina Lozevska April 23, 2013 1
Rumors Convey Next Samsung Smartphone to be Metal Similar to iPhone

As it seems, Samsung is done with plastic and they want to make their next smartphone device all metal, just like the iPhone. These rumors came from South Korea which suggested Samsung is quite concerned that the chassis quality of the HTC One and the iPhone makes the Galaxy line look cheap.

As we can see, it’s kind of a general opinion that there is something in this Samsung’s plastic phones that makes them less attractive. To be honest, I totally agree with this. However, I also believe that out there, there are so many others that believe plastic is the best fit for their smartphone. Well, teenagers mostly.

However, last week a SamMobile blog reported that it heard several whispers from South Korea that some of the Samsung’s workers think that plastic isn’t ‘fantastic’ anymore.

As it seems, the iPhone’s metal structure and the recent launching of the HTC One, which is manufactured with aluminum nature, both have indicated some quandaries into this future Samsung plans. This resulted in several rumors which reported that the next Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung will be made from metal and some other additional substance. But it will not feature plastic whatsoever.


Those who defend plastic, speak about some practicalities use of this design. This has raised an even bigger question: Has plastic become some kind of a brand for Samsung?

Does this has something to do with the plastic nature of the smartphones or it’s because there is something else which comes with the full joy of the large screens and easy sharing video materials? What if their biggest competitor, Apple, releases his much rumored cheaper iPhone and it turns out to be plastic, as well? Would this cheaper iPhone put some pressure on Samsung to make their own metal smartphone by upgrading the materials for manufacturing?

If they did this, I’m sure that all the Apple’s lawyers will sue Samsung for copying Apple with their design (again).

I always said that they will go full aluminum sometime in near future and then some of the designer will start their hard production into making a completely different design. There is no doubt that they will give their users something worth for their money. The design always had been Apple’s stronger side, but what if Samsung decide to do the same thing and commit itself to even greater metal design?

These questions must pull out some opinions from Samsung. We are looking forward to hearing something connected to this from Samsung in future. Stay tuned for more information from both Apple and Samsung smartphone designs.

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