T-Mobile to Offer HTC One April 24th for $199

Heidi Speare April 23, 2013 0
T-Mobile to Offer HTC One April 24th for $199


Few days out and HTC Company made a great mark in the public. After few carriers which were announced as the official main carriers of the HTC One device, T-Mobile was placed somewhere between them. They even succeed into announcing the price which is up to $199.

Yesterday, T-Mobile made an official statement that they have finally priced the new HTC One device. The announcers have added that the carrier will start with the offering from April 24. The company is making an interesting offer to their customers. They are offering to them to purchase the HTC One for a free contract through their official website.

So if you are determined to buy this device from HTC online, go ahead and order one now. In order to own this smartphone, you need to pay $579.99 upfront and after this the HTC One will be shipped right into your hands. It’s important to be noted that if you purchase it, you will own it without any boundaries and contracts, which is very cool.



The regular price of the HTC One is $99.99, which comes with additional payments of $20 that you will need to pay for the next 24 months. Starting from April 24, the new HTC One will be available for you to purchase it from the other retailer stores. However, as it seems even though this carrier offers the HTC One it is far behind the other carrier competitors like Sprint and AT&T who already started offering of this device. Both of them are offering the HTC One with 32 GB internal storage capacity for a fair price of $199.99 which comes with additional contract of 2 years.

If by any reason you will not feel comfortable purchasing this device from these two carriers, you’ll need to wait 2 more days for buying it from T-Mobile. If you don’t want to wait this day to come, go to the T-Mobile’s official web site and order it online now.

Every possible major carrier is offering the HTC One now. You now can’t complain that your favorite T-Mobile carrier isn’t doing anything to offer the newer smartphones from the biggest smartphone companies. HTC One is definitely the one of the best contenders for the award “best smartphone for 2013”. If you already purchased it I know you are excited right now and you can’t take your eyes of it. If you are hesitating about buying it, don’t, go ahead and buy it, you will not regret any spent dollar on it.

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