Toshiba Satellite U845T: Why Consumers Love this Laptop

Jaycee De Guzman April 23, 2013 0
Toshiba Satellite U845T: Why Consumers Love this Laptop


There is a reason why you keep hearing good reviews about the Toshiba Satellite U845T laptop. It’s mainly because it’s priced $799 and this price, for a 14-inch ultra-thin touch-screen laptop – it’s more than affordable. When you look at it you will get the impression that this laptop is a perfect example for midprice and midsize laptop and it may be the best recommendation ever given from our site.

Design and Features

If you thought that this is a typical Toshiba laptop – you are so wrong. This laptop has a 14-inch screen and it’s 0.8-inch thin. It is very light for a laptop and it weighs only 3.6 pounds. This is very solidly built laptop computer and you will fall in love with it on first sight.


You will notice the brushed aluminum lid and you can see that the trey of the keyboard is upscale and it doesn’t stand out. If you take a look at the Toshiba logo on the lid, you can notice the mirror detailed finish on it which can be made from several PC makers. When you open the lid you will be surprised by the minimalist interior. It has only few indicator lights, power button and normally the touch pad and the keyboard.

The keys of the keyboard are black and they fit perfectly on that gray tray for the keyboard. Many of the other Toshiba laptops have short spacebars and we have the same case here. This spacebar can interfere while typing with some of the typing stiles. The large touch-bar is better than the other though. There is one button for right and left click and this gives more room for several multi-touch gestures. The touch pad has two-finger scrolling features and it’s running smooth as silk.

The display is the lower component in this Toshiba laptop. It has a 1,366 x 768-pixel resolution and this is low for a laptop that is midsized. But, the thing that attracts the attention to this screen is that it has touch screen feature. This makes the only laptop out there without edge to edge glass positioned over the entire screen surface.

Connection, hardware specs and battery

This Toshiba U845T is equipped with an average number of connections and ports. You can find one video output on it, its HDMI of course, and one USB 3.0 port. As an addition to the one USB, it comes equipped with two other USB 2.0 ports. But the main thing about this USB 3.0 port is that it has a ‘sleep and charge’ feature. This feature means that you can charge your devices such as a phone or a tablet even when you put your laptop to ‘sleep’ or to ‘power off’.



Beside that, Toshiba offers this laptop with a fixed configuration which costs $799, they are offering a different model that has 128 GB SSD as an addition to the standard 500 GB storage. Toshiba is offering this configuration for the same price of $799. This might be useful to those who are in need for lot of storage capacity.

Other than this, Toshiba U845T is equipped with Intel Core i5 CPU with 1.8 GHz. It performed slightly better than the other midsize devices and most of them have a slower i5 core processor. But it has to be noted that this difference can’t be noticed if you use this laptop for an everyday use.

The battery life is the main area where this laptop stands out. In some drain tests, the system was able to run for 6h and 4 min. The conclusion is, every laptop out there that can top 6h is really impressive, especially this one with a 14-inch display. Just for comparison, the other laptops which are midsized like this one, has ran around 3h on the very same drain tests.



For the end of this story we bring you the pros and cons for this laptop.

–       Pros: Thin, Light, great design especially the brushed aluminum body structure, additional 128 GB SSD, great battery life.

–       Cons: Squeezed down keyboard keys, small and not that easy to handle spacebar, low resolution of the screen.

All in all, this Toshiba Satellite is great for its price of $799.

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