Apple Macbook Pro Retina Price Dropped, Specs Bumped

Heidi Speare February 14, 2013 0
Apple Macbook Pro Retina Price Dropped, Specs Bumped


Typically we have seen no budging when it comes to Apple’s prices on their best products, however surprisingly the price of the  13-in Macbook Pro that boasts the Apple Retina display is being dropped from $1699 to $1499 with the 256 Gb flaunting a price drop from $1999 to $1699. Apple is also dropping the price of their famous Macbook Air Model.

Macbook Pro

Not only is Apple cutting the cost to obtain the Macbook Pro, but they are also offering increased processor speeds to 2.5GHz hosting 16 Gigs of RAM to those who wish to purchase the model  at its newly modified price.

While in this price slashing frenzy, Apple is also lowering the cost to purchase the 15-in Retina inclusive Macbook Pro Model. The upgraded version will house 2.7 GHz with 16 Gigs of Ram (doubling the original RAM.) The base model will have its processing speed bumped up a notch from 2.3 GHz to 2.4 GHz.

Perhaps this move to bump up specs and lower costs for consumers is an added  incentive to boost sales of the  Apple Macbook product lines as Apple has also lowered its price of the Macbook Air from $1499 to $1399.

The line of Macbooks have always been specifically priced higher than other Apple products, because of their high-end features. However- those who want to purchase a Macbook Pro that were once deterred by the price, may now find the Macbook Pro with Retina  more appealing and affordable.

Price changes took place yesterday on the official online Apple Store website as well as in the official retail stores everywhere.

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