Is Google Now Going to Become Google’s Homepage

Heidi Speare April 24, 2013 2
Is Google Now Going to Become Google’s Homepage


Google Now hasn’t been present very long on the web. This certainly doesn’t mean that the people from Google won’t make any adjustments and bring this personalized home page to you. And as it seems, Google Now will become Google’s new homepage. This was indicated by some extension made by Google which appeared to port this Google Now behind Android via their explorer Google Chrome.

This browser extension along with some hidden code on the Web site shows that Google Company might think to replace iGoogle with a new desktop Google Now version. This report came from a blog that hasn’t got any affiliation with Google and by far, this information hasn’t been confirmed by anyone from the company. This rumor showed a code on the Web page that said Google is using this in order to test the new features. If you take a look at the code, it shows instructions for the new features and it called out Google Now.

We can see that this is a part of Google Now because this code contains certain introduction to it “Get Started with Google Now. Get the right info at just the right time” This Google now feature was released last year and it goes like personal assistant. Also it’s offering some predictive search feature in Android’s Jelly Bean 4.2 OS.



This information may be true because Google has announced something last summer that involved their previous iGoogle. Back then, they have announced that their customizable home page will be shut down on November 1 this year. iGoogle was revealed back in 2005 like a combination of widget and search in order to try and compete with Yahoo’s feature “My Yahoo”.

These are not the only indications that we heard about Google Now. Along with these hidden call-outs in the HTML of this previously mentioned test page, Google has made a desktop expansion for their browser Chrome. This extension lets you open Google Now like a new tab page. The default language to this newly opened tab is Russian, but it has been verified like its coming from Google in the Chrome’s Web store.

Larry Page who is a CEO and co-founder also gave some information about Google Now. In a conference for quarter earnings which happened last week, he addressed that Google Now won’t deal with any dreaded service from Google anytime soon.

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