Netflix Cracking Down on Account Sharing With Numerous Devices

Jaycee De Guzman April 24, 2013 0


This streaming service, Netflix, is ready to make some changes. For now, users can only stream 2 devices at once and a report showed that they are about to change that. In near future Netflix will make available a four-device option, which will be charged slightly more. This can indicate precursor for getting down on account sharing feature.

This report came from a letter which was sent to all the shareholders in a PDF format. Netflix said that they plan to introduce a new plan for family streaming in the US. This will let four people to stream at the very same time. This means the company plans to minimize the option for many people sharing one account.

As reported, the plan will cost $11.99 for a monthly fee. It will let the consumers stream simultaneously up with four different devices. The current two-device plan costs $8 per month. Netflix has made a prediction that some of the current subscribers would agree to sign up these terms. Jonathan Friedland, a spokesman from Netflix, said that those folks who have difficulties with this stream limit will definitely sign up this deal.

An analyst from Wedbush Securities, Michael Pachter, has said that he is not sure how this plan will help the users. He explained that there aren’t so many people who have five screens available at their homes. However, he thinks that putting an end to one account sharing feature would be great for the users. The present Netflix terms say customers can use six ready for streaming devices. This means only one thing, friends who are leaving in several locations can share one account cost as long as there are no more than two devices streaming at once.



In the letter from Netflix was written that the streaming feature is used by several family members and they have tested the new “profiles” feature which will separate this streaming activity of each family member. As reported from the company, they expect to release this feature in the next couple of months. By now, it’s unclear how Netflix will charge the separate profiles. The previously mentioned analyst Pachter believes that if Netflix uses some minimal amount for charging, all the people will not even notice the difference and with no doubt will pay for the service.

These new plans have come right after Netflix has announced their perfect earnings for the first quarter. The company has earned 31 cents per share. The total revenue earnings was $1.02 billion. This is more than the same quarter last year when they noticed a $5 million lost or they noticed total revenue of $870 million.

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