Up Close and Personal with the Samsung Galaxy S4

Heidi Speare April 25, 2013 0
Up Close and Personal with the Samsung Galaxy S4


With the shipping of this Galaxy S4 smartphone device right around the corner we are bringing you up close and personal with the Samsung Galaxy S4 device. Because we have so much more to show you, we are going with the review right away.


Although every single analyst has reported so many criticism about the built material of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the company continued to make their phones with plastic. Compared with the latest devices from HTC and Apple, it looks very cheap. When you compare this device with its predecessor, you’ll notice that it has metallic stripes around the rim and more rectangular home key. The lock and the power button look metallic and if you look closely the gaps around the controls are narrower. The biggest difference in the design is that the Galaxy S4 has 5-inch screen.

The Screen

The main feature of this smartphone is its breathtaking screen. It’s equipped with a 5-inch 1080 full HD display with a 441 pixel density. Naked eye doesn’t calculate numbers but it understands how the image looks like and it’s looking very detailed and sharp. But there are more important things on the display then its sharpness and color. This model has a high reflection outdoors and indoors and even with its full brightness it will dim outside when will fight with bright light. The display is made from the stronger Gorilla Glass 3 glass.


OS and Interface

The Galaxy S4 runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and it has a customized Touch Wiz interface. My personal favorite newest edition of the interface is the expansion of the 15 icons just by touching the button on the right upper corner. Every icon represents a different feature. They are very useful and extremely cool.

In this ecosystem, the menus are playing a big role, so all the new users of this device shouldn’t avoid them. If you need to simplify the menu, Samsung Galaxy S4 breaks the topics into several separate screens for different features.

Apps and Features

There NFC support and the Beam version of the Android can send photos, videos and documents and some other URLs. On this device, you can find the Bluetooth 4.0 and there is a support for wireless charging if you change the back cover. The Wi-Fi feature is 802.11 a.b.g.n.ac and it can serve like a hotspot for up to ten devices.



There is a slight connection between T-Mobile and Samsung and they are plenty of devices that will get you started like a calendar, music player, calculator and all the Google services like Gmail and turn by turn navigation. These T-mobile apps include some titles like account messenger, T-Mobile hot spot and T-Mobile TV.

There is also some place for Samsung branded versions of its calories and exercise, translator app, TV remote app and special version of its Flipboard. This builds big advantage of the Air View functionality for previewing content just by hovering over it.

The amazing eye-tracking feature sounds really cool, but it’s only partly true. It’s not completely true when you say that the text or the cursor follows all the movements of your eyes. The phone reads your eyes when you paying attention to it or when you are looking away from it.

The Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features are built-in and a slight upgrade from the Smart Stay feature. GS4 tilts the screen down or up while looking at the scrolls up and down. Samsung really revised the using of these gestured features in certain scenarios, mostly when your hands are busy doing something else. For example, you will never wave over your phone in order to answer a call unless you are driving, but when you do it will automatically transfer the call to the speaker mode.


Did you know that this phone is a TV remote as well? – Well it can be used in order to command your DVR, TV, home theater and streaming set-top box. There is a Netflix feature included, as well but you are able to control the usual setup from Netflix through the extra tools on your TV.

When turned on, the Multi window feature can be used for creating split-screen with two different applications. This feature was first launched for the Galaxy Note 2 and has been made available on the GS3. It’s good but some numbers of the apps have a limited functionality.

The other app that attracts attention is the Optical reader. It has been available in mobile world for few years and its getting better and better. This built in OCR tool can read ads and business cards and it can add them to the contact book. It includes a code scanner and it uses the STranslator in order to read some menus and signs in different languages.

We tried to provide you with a different review this time in order to show you the most improved apps and features and what you can expect from this device. You just need to be more patient before you can take it in your hands and see for yourself.

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