Blackberry Q10: It’s the Best of Both Worlds

Alex Bezeau April 25, 2013 0
Blackberry Q10: It’s the Best of Both Worlds


This is the new traditional QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry Q10 phone. It has been made to pass through all the messaging machines and beside this, it can blend with the modern software of the smartphones in order to run more applications at once without an issue. It can surf Web sites like a world class handset device and it’s equipped with a great battery. It lacks ecosystem source with wider selection of applications but this Q10 device will satisfy all the users who are addicts of the traditional BlackBerry phones.


Q10 has appeared ready for business right away. It has luscious black design and it’s all buttoned up. If you used some of the previous BlackBerry devices, this Q10 model will feel like some old friend. When I started this machine for the first time, I felt warm – like I was meeting close friend that has been away for a long time.

The chassis has a flat classic shape with slightly rounded edges. The notification light which reminds you to check your messages with red flashes is placed right above the 3.1-inch display. Right underneath the display you can notice the large keyboard, which is placed right there where it belongs and where it is expected to be.

According to BlackBerry, the edges of this device are made from special treated aluminum and the back is design just to withstand scrapes and scratches. BlackBerry has reported that they have strengthened the chassis in order to guard it from flexing and bending. If you turn the phone on the left, you can see the MicroUSB port along with the micro HDMI connection port placed there. On the right, there is the volume button and Play/Pause key which enables you to activate the voice command.


On the back, you can see the steel stripe which divides the phone’s back. Right above the stripe you can notice the 8-mpix camera along with its LED flash. The battery cover is placed below the stripe and this phone features battery with 2,100 mAh. Underneath this removable battery you can find the SIM card slot and the slot for MicroSD. This cover is made by reinforced glass which has been designed to flex.

The measurements of this phone are:

  • 4.7-inches tall
  • 2.6-inches wide
  • 0.4-inch thick

This BlackBerry Q10 is more compact and way shorted than the other big-screened powerful phones.


The keyboard is the main star of this device. It has four rows and 35 keys. It has QWERTY layout and it’s quite comfortable for typing. There isn’t any space between the keys and the buttons are made large. This was confirmed by BlackBerry and they said the keys are made 30% bigger than the keys from previous models. Their surface is sculpted with some concave depressions and ridges. You can feel the center of every single key and the travel is deep. The presses of the keyboard keys give a satisfying click and its making the writing more comfortable.


No room for bigger and greater display is a big drawback of today’s keyboard phones. BlackBerry did their best into designing a screen to compete with the other phone manufacturers. It measures 3.1-inches and it has a 720 x 720 pixel resolution. When compared with other phones which are equipped with full HD resolution displays, the Q10 screen feels quite paltry. The screen isn’t very bright either, but big thanks to the OLED tech this phone has deep black levels, wide viewing angles and high contrast.



Battery life and Camera

This Q10 device delivers another great area where other smartphones can fall short. In a drain test with high intensity, Q10 performed 14 hours and 4 minutes before quitting. This is a quite impressive period of time and you will be able to perform a busy business day on it before charging it again.

The camera can lead to some complaints mainly because it doesn’t include a camera application. The phone is equipped with an 8-mpix camera which uses the same software tricks that are used by the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. This Q10 device has one difference: HDR mode which pulls out high detail pictures in low light conditions. TimeShift feature is also included. This function has a mode that can shoot multiple images and then it will let you to pick the best of them. The phone has some innovative circular wheel that can cycle through the best moments in your time.


Other Specs

  • Connectivity:

–       Wi-Fi – 802.11 a.b.g.n

–       Bluetooth 4.0

–       NFC

  • OS – BlackBerry 10.1
  • Processor – 1.5 GHZ Dual-core


For the last point of our review, we are bringing you the pros and cons for this device:

  • Pros: Great keyboard, OS 10.1 latest version, long battery life, smooth and amazing performance
  • Cons: Small screen, average camera, trailing application selection way behind the competition.

It was suggested that this phone will be priced for $249 and it will be carried by Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.

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