Nokia Asha 210 Announced: Affordable and User Friendly

Jaycee De Guzman April 25, 2013 0
Nokia Asha 210 Announced: Affordable and User Friendly


At the start of this week, we were witnesses of a teaser photo for upcoming device from Nokia with a keyboard. On behalf of that, this company has announced their new Nokia Asha 210. As a member of this budget Asha line devices, Nokia 210 will not be launched in US. It’s meant for some parts of Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia for a $72. This phone will come two models: single and dual-SIM.

In the manufacturing of this device, Nokia has made partnership with three social messaging and networking apps and included them in this new Asha 210. This device will include a shortcut for WhatsApp, Weibo or Facebook (this depends on where you are).


It’s very similar to the Lumia, its compact and has some slight and sleek aesthetic. As you can see on the top there is 3.5mm AV jack along with MicroUSB port for the charging. On the left edge you can find the secondary optional SIM slot. The construction of this device is polycarbonate and it has thin shape. I adore its smooth and chalky feel.


The measurements of this phone are:

  • 4.39-inches tall
  • 2.36-inches wide
  • 0.46-iches thick
  • 3.43 ounces weight which gives very lightweight feel when holding it.

Nokia Asha 210 comes in five different colors: black, magenta, cyan, white and yellow.

When you look at the front, you will notice the 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. It doesn’t include HD display video but the menu icons and text still look very clear and easy for reading. Now move your eyes below the screen. You will see two keys for selection, the two buttons for ending and answering a call, navigation key, shortcut button for the camera placed on the right, and a hotkey specialized for launching the network service.



The QWERTY keyboard has 4 rows and it lights up for easy typing. The keyboard buttons are easy to press and it has a chalky texture. On the rear side, you can find the camera lens but it lacks the flash feature. Below the camera you can see the speaker grill. Underneath the back plate you can find the primary slot for SIM card, microSD slot which can be expanded to 32GB and of course, the battery.


The main selling point for the Asha 210 is that the company is pushing the connectivity of it towards certain messaging and social networking services. All the users can access these applications right through the Wi-Fi feature or the 2G capability. We mentioned earlier that there is a shortcut key placed left of the navigational button but we didn’t share any information about it. We mentioned that this button will include a shortcut depending on where you are. So if you are in Europe and Latin America, this phone will feature a shortcut key for launching the regular Facebook. If you are in China, your handset will have Weibo and if you are in India, Middle East, parts of Asia or Africa you will have the WhatsApp key.


The camera has some options for editing and includes 4X digital zoom. The battery of the device has 1,110 mAh, which is translated into 12 hours of talk-time and 24 days standby-time.


The price tag of $72 is perfect for the developing markets. It includes some tech requirements like greater main camera and internet connectivity. However, it’s tied up with some specific services and this makes it great for further developing. WhatsApp and Facebook elevate this phone to a different younger level and it keeps it relevant on the market.

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