Orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile Rescheduled: Inventory Issues

Jasmina Lozevska April 25, 2013 0

Yesterday, we said that T-Mobile will be the first carrier that will offer the Samsung Galaxy S4 device, and today we hear something else. As reported earlier, this wireless carrier has rescheduled the start of the online availability for April 29. This delay was due to some inventory issues in T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customers have been disappointed again by their favorite carrier because they were expecting to place their orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 today. They have to be patient a little bit longer until next week in order to make their offers. As we announced yesterday, with this online availability could have been the first that will offer the phone online. The company has reported in a statement that the Galaxy S4 will not be available until Monday. This is due to some unexpected delay with the deliveries of the inventory. They have apologized to the costumers for this inconvenience and added that they are working hard with Samsung in order to deliver this smartphone as soon as possible.

This delay is not good for T-Mobile because the top 4 carriers are in a race for delivering this smartphone. This puts the 4th largest carrier in US in a position of disadvantage in this race in order to release the Galaxy 4 before every other opponent. As reported, T-Mobile will offer this flagship phone for $149.99 down and additional $20 per month for using the service. This came right after T-Mobile’s competitor, AT&T has announced that they will start shipping the device pretty soon or Thursday, to be exact. This date is much earlier from the previous target of 30 of April.


The new Samsung Galaxy S4 includes slightly improved design over its predecessor the Galaxy S3. This device has packed much more innovative features and great specialized software. This new device which is expected to hit the market shelves these days runs on the latest OS from Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. It’s equipped with super sized display and high resolution. It has a faster processor and more capacity of the battery than the previous device of this kind.

Finally, this device will be made available for purchasing very soon. Other then these two previously mentioned carriers, other retailers such as Sprint and Verizon will offer this device online and later in May it will be available for purchasing from their retailer shops.

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