Apple iWatch – Is It Time to Make Our Preorders Already?

Jasmina Lozevska February 14, 2013 0
Apple iWatch – Is It Time to Make Our Preorders Already?

Those who did not believe all of the rumors spreading about Apple’s newest gadget are finally forced to admit they were wrong. Still labeled as a rumor, but one step closer to the actual truth – we learn Apple has decided to start the production of a brand new device, highly likely to be known as an iWatch.

Reports say Apple has created a team of many designers to work on the designing of the new product and has finally started the development of the new Apple device.

What would the arrival of a new so-called Apple iWatch mean for the company’s other products, such as the iPhone and the iPad? Many believe that, if this new device turns out to perform many of the iPhone’s and iPad’s features, the future is not going to be so bright for Apple’s current hot gadgets.

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However, in order to stay in the race and keep selling gadgets, Apple still needs this iWatch as a device that would prepare the scene for other 2013 releases, even if the device would not be as great as the iPhone or the iPad.

We have divided opinions – half think the iWatch is going to be a fail, in comparison to other Apple gadgets, and the other half believes this new iWatch would set new standards and would be a kind of a revolutionary device in the tech world.


What can I say? The Cupertino-based company is known to always surprise us with a device we previously thought would not be a success and eventually, that turned out to be false. It happened with the iPad, there’s no reason it won’t happen again.

This smartwatch seems promising and we are looking forward to find out more information on it, as rumors for the highly-anticipated iWatch are taking a big part of tech news these days. Stay tuned for more…

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