Best Performance from a Windows Laptop Goes to MacBook Pro

Alex Bezeau April 26, 2013 0


And of course, this is something that was expected to be done. A company for PC services has placed Apple’s computers in the number 1 spot and number 6 as the best performing laptops on Windows OS. The biggest reason for this is because every Windows which was installed ran smooth and clean.

The 13-inched MacBook Pro clinched the number one spot for the “best performing” laptop on Windows OS. MacBook Pro won over some of the best-selling and established PC makers like Acer, Dell and Lenovo. This was according to Soluto web site. On this site was written an explanation:

A main factor in this machine’s metrics is the fact that every Windows installation on it is clean. With PC manufacturers loading so much crapware on new laptops, this is a bit of an unfair competition. But, on the other hand, PC makers should look at this data and aspire to ship PCs that perform just as well as a cleanly installed MacBook Pro. 

This report only admits that it’s fair to compare a cleanly installed computer made from Dell or Acer and cleanly installed Apple’s MacBook Pro. But there was a certain method in the metrics made by Soluto. They are comparing the real PC devices in the field and they believe it’s the best representation of reality.



These metrics include various crashes per week, Blue screen of deaths per week, average boot time and hangs per week. Soluto indicated some disadvantages of the running Windows OS on a MacBook. It needs more work to be done in order to set up a fresh and clean version of Windows on Mac in order to work without any driver issues.

The top ten best performing laptop on Windows:

  1. Apple’s MacBook Pro 13, priced at $1,199 and Soluto’s score: 1.05
  2. Acer’s Aspire E1 571, priced at $429 and Soluto’s score: 1.12
  3. Dell’s XPS13, priced at $979 and Soluto’s score: 1.28
  4. Dell’s Vostro 3560, priced at $569 and Soluto’s score: 2.09
  5. Acer’s Aspire V3 771, priced at $699 and Soluto’s score: 2.44
  6. Apple’s MacBook with 15-inch Retina display, priced at $2,199 and Soluto’s score: 2.51
  7. Dell’s Inspiron 14z, priced at 549 and Soluto’s score: 2.54
  8. Dell’s Latitude E5530, priced at $519 and Soluto’s score: 2.90
  9. Dell’s Vostro 3460, priced at $539 and Soluto’s score: 2.95
  10. 10.  Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon, priced at $1,169 and Soluto’s score: 3.20

Like we said earlier, these scores are based on combinations of hangs, BSoDs, background processes, and hangs. The lowest score means way better performance.

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