What We Want to Know About Amazon’s Proposed Roku-Like Streaming Box

Jasmina Lozevska April 26, 2013 0
What We Want to Know About Amazon’s Proposed Roku-Like Streaming Box

As we know from earlier, several rumors indicated that Amazon is working on some video streaming box. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is prepared to launch their streaming TV set in order to take on all the likes of Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, PlayStation and every other manufacturer of TV sets that is in the business for building applications for Smart-TVs. So, we have a few questions about what we want to know about it.

1. It will offer App Store without Amazon Content?

Amazon’s video service is already head to head with Netflix and it offers all the same content for free just for those who have prime membership. Unlike Netflix, this service has additional option for buying movies, TV seasons and TV episodes. This service is awesome but Netflix is considered like must-have streaming service for most of the customers.

So Amazon will try to top the competing services with its streaming box or it will offer some must-have list of channels like Apple TV offers?

2. Will it support games?

Kindle tablets from Amazon already have support for Appstore and many of the top applications are games. So, the question is could this streaming video box be able to run as a gaming machine in order to top PlayStation? – Will it include some dedicated controller set? Roku offers plenty of games but Apple hasn’t reached that level yet.

3. Will it play music?

The Cloud Player by Amazon can store couple gigs of music for streaming on demand. All the apps which are available on iOS and Android give you easy access to the whole music collection just by one touch. Turning our minds into the user’s experience, will Amazon make a step and take its music service to a next level in order to play music without your TV set to on? – Apple is doing this with their Airplay.


4. Will it be better than Roku?

Because we are keeping our minds on Roku, will Amazon top it and makes its streaming service better? Roku streaming boxes offers some kind of Amazon’s video and audio applications for the Cloud player. This video application isn’t smooth like the offer of PS3 by Amazon but its working well enough, even with the $50 LT box from Roku.

5. How much you’ll need to pay in order to get one

This is currently the biggest question. Apple TV and Roku are already offering some great service and excellent choices for $50 – $100 range cost. The other competitors out there like Western Digital, D-Link and Netgear already have some competing boxes. Samsung, Panasonic and so does Sony have some streaming boxes offered from $40.

So the main thing is: Could Amazon beat these prices, or it will make something that it’s unexpected and offer their streaming service by free? – There is no question that it needs to be cheap or strictly compatible with Apple TV and Roku in their $100 range. But in order to do that, they need to offer something special and innovative enough.

Only one thing is certain: Time will tell the story. As reported from Bloomberg this streaming video service will come out somewhere this fall. By then enjoy in this present streaming services from the other companies and wait for the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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