New Gadget Releases for Fall from Amazon, Apple, and Xbox

Jasmina Lozevska April 26, 2013 0
New Gadget Releases for Fall from Amazon, Apple, and Xbox

Numerous reports are saying fall will be a busy period for Amazon, Xbox and Apple. It’s about time something to happen with these companies but some analysts thinks that it’s little bit too late? But we are saying better late than never. The CEO of Apple has promised several new amazing products which will be launched this fall. And this period might be crucial for releasing the newest Xbox console from Microsoft.

This might be little bit disappointing for the Apple fans because they need to wait until this fall in order to experience some new amazing products. According to Tim Cook, these products will be something big and innovative. But Apple’s fans are not the only ones who will wait a little bit more. Beside that, Galaxy S4 is announced to hit the stores this upcoming weekend, this smartphone already faces some supply issues which causes some carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile to reschedule their launch dates and now they can only sell this device online. AT&T hasn’t reported this kind of problems and you will be able to find the Galaxy S4 packed and ready for you at their retailer stores. As reported earlier, US Cellular hasn’t announced any supply issues either, they will launch the smartphone on Tuesday.


For all the consumers who have made plans for buying this Galaxy S4 smartphone from Best Buy, you need to come across by the retailers and find the new mini stores which will be placed from Samsung and stuffed with the original employees from this company. As reported these shops will be slightly larger than Apple’s mini stores which are set in Best Buy’s area.

In some other rumors was mentioned that Microsoft is set to reveal their next Xbox by May 21. Microsoft is making some big changes to their gaming console and it will surprise the new users. Several reports indicated that Amazon is working on some streaming video box in order to top their competition like Roku, PlayStation, Xbox and Apple TV. This e-tailer based in Seattle has some ambitious strategy for setting up home streaming service. Twitter is mentioned also for bringing up some changes to their network. They have announced that are working on some new password protection in order to protect their base from hacking.


We need to wait and see these announced big devices. However, it’s pretty exciting to hear this and only time will tell what these companies would have to offer in the future.

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