Report States Nokia Lumia 928 Might See Release Date at the End of May

Jasmina Lozevska April 26, 2013 0
Report States Nokia Lumia 928 Might See Release Date at the End of May

As it seems, Nokia is very busy during this period of time and today one report showed that their new Nokia Lumia 928 handset will be released somewhere by the end of the next month. And according to this, the official carrier of this device will be Verizon.

Many rumors surrounded the web saying that Nokia and Verizon are working together to release some upcoming devices. These reports are becoming truthful because they have been working these past few weeks for unveiling the Lumia 928 from Nokia. As announced, the phone will be revealed as the next generation smartphone from the Nokia Lumia 920 and for now, it will be available for purchasing only from Verizon.

So if you were waiting this handset device to be announced, these are great news for you. But one thing hasn’t been reported yet. We haven’t any information if this smartphone will be available to the users markets next month when it was reported to be unveiled. Some sources close to this future plans are saying that it will be available at the Verizon retailer stores by then. So we are hoping that these rumors are true and we will see Nokia Lumia 928 available at the stores by the end of next month.


If you thought that these reports are only rumors, there are some clues that indicate this Lumia will be coming to this previously reported Verizon. These clues were given by Stephen Elop – Nokia’s CEO. He mentioned something about the arrival of this new Nokia Lumia 928 device which is expected to be released later in this quarter. In the statement he added that soon there will be numerous new products released this season.

It seems we are certainly hopeful that this Lumia 928 device, will be a part of these new series of products. It was reported earlier that this device will have a 4.5-inch display and it will be equipped with an 8-mpix back main camera, it will have wireless charging feature and Xenon flash to help the camera shoot pictures at night. Some sources have reported that Nokia is already in the final stages with the testing of this device. It’s tested with Windows 8 GDR2 OS from Microsoft and as soon as it’s cleared from testing it will be launched.

So the launching is around the corner, get ready for it.

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