3 Million Windows 8 Tablets Shipped in First Quarter of 2013

Jasmina Lozevska April 27, 2013 0
3 Million Windows 8 Tablets Shipped in First Quarter of 2013

These series of Windows 8 tablets are making their way through the tablet market very steady. The latest results from an analytics company called Strategy Analytics, said that Microsoft and their PC makers has shipped more than 3 million tablet devices in the first quarter of this year. With this, they have crushed the market of the tablets and as it seems they are not stopping making their way through the first place.

According to Strategy Analytics, Windows 8 tablet devices, which have included the Widows RT also, had taken 7.5% of the whole tablet market which is based on the Operating System market share part in this first quarter. Neil Shah who is the head analyst in this firm has announced that the partner PC makers, including Microsoft, have shipped 3.4 million devices worldwide in this first quarter.  But this research company has noticed that these numbers could’ve been even better if there weren’t any limited distribution, market confusions, top applications shortages. Every single problem has been holding the shipments back.

In the statement, Strategy Analytics has reported the total numbers of shipments. The global tablet shipments have reached 40.6 million devices in this first quarter. This has crushed the old record and now this number represents the all-time record. These numbers are up 117% from last’s year Q1 or up from 18.7 million units shipped, to be exact.


As expected, the iPad manufactured by Apple has taken the largest share noticing 48.2% market share with 19.5 million devices shipped. But these numbers are down from 63% market share from last year’s first quarter. This is due to the big gains of the market by Android. They have captured 43% of this year’s market which number rose from 34% from last year.

If we make one chart list with all the results from Q1 in 2012 and Q1 in 2013, the comparison would look like this.

1. Global shipments of the branded OS tablets calculated in millions of devices:

  • Q1 2012 vs. Q1 2013:

–       Apple iOS – Q1 2012: 11.8 vs. 19.5 for Q1 2013

–       Android – Q1 2012: 6.4 vs. 17.6 for Q1 2013

–       Windows – Q1 2012: 0.0 vs. 3.0 for Q1 2013

–       Others – Q1 2012: 0.5 vs. 0.4 for Q1 2013.

2. In percentages

  • Apple iOS – Q1 2012: 63.1% vs. 48.2% in Q1 2013
  • Android – Q1 2012: 34.2% vs. 43.4% in Q1 2013
  • Windows – Q1 2012: 0.0% vs. 7.5% in Q1 2013
  • Others – Q1 2012: 2.7% vs. 1.0 in Q1 2013

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