The Future of Google Glass

Heidi Speare March 27, 2013 0


Google is on the way to forging the future, the latest example being the information on the Google Glass. What is this, you ask? The Google Glass is a new product that propels the user into the world of science fiction by providing us with a heads up display. That’s right, Google is making a heads up display for our daily lives. Is it unrealistic and a little bit crazy? Yes it is, but it is also wicked cool to just think that our collective dreams of the future of flying cars and easy space travel is taking another step forward with this pair of glasses.


So what will the Google Glass offer to the customers? The layout and design is similar to modern classes, but much more sleek and with less edges. There isn’t any actual “glass” part to it, and does little to impede vision. Overall the appearance is similar to a front facing headband with a nose guard. Then we get to the actual tech part of the Google Glass.

Off to one side of the glasses is a box that does a bit and most likely houses the technical circuitry of the hardware. At the edge of the Google glass, just inside of your vision, is a glass panel with a display which will show you whatever you are doing on the device. Considering that one of the features gives you access to Google search and Google translate, I will expect this device to come with constant internet access. What this could mean is a possible heating problem in a few models, which is never a fun thing since you will be literally wearing it.



So far I have no idea on the weight which this little set up will add to the package. It is probably an insignificant amount considering there is no counterbalance on the other side to keep the Google glass from being lopsided. If it’s a bad design decision to keep the product looking sleek and modern I can foresee a few problems with the weight distribution that will have to be ironed out before retail launch.

So what can the Google Glass actually do? So far the devise has been confirmed to be able to take live pictures as well as record video. Internet access has also been confirmed in an offhand way thanks to Google plainly stating that the Google Glass will be able to do searches on subjects and things as you go. Also confirmed has been Google translate support along with Google maps by proxy (Google Glass can display directions). It already sounds like one heck of a device, and there is still more it can do. Notifications are enabled and will be much more notifying thanks to a literal in your face reminder.


All these functions will be activated through voice command. Google had to get clever with the device because a traditional interface would be very impractical. Instead, they decided on a system that reacts to a key phrase and then the command. What the key phrase does is “unlocks” the Google Glass and makes it sensitive to any keywords and commands given. Sounds a little farfetched? I bet Siri will disagree with you.

So will this be the next huge thing? In my humble opinion, probably not. The Google Glass is in a sort of open beta testing phase with the product. To participate, you need to lay down $1,500 for an incomplete version which is probably riddled with bugs. It that is the price for testing, imagine what the price for the completed product will be. This will probably become a novelty product that only a few could afford, or it might actually be an affordable product. Either way, we won’t ave to worry about it for a while. Reports say that the devise is due out sometime in 2014, so we have plenty of time to sit back and watch news surrounding the Google Glass grow.

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