Apple WWDC 2013 Event Tickets “Sold Out” in Record Time

Heidi Speare April 27, 2013 0
Apple WWDC 2013 Event Tickets “Sold Out” in Record Time


The tickets for this annual developer’s event were sold out in record time. It was pretty quick or to be exact, all the tickets were gone just by a blink of an eye. You will never guess the time but no worries we are here to share this information. Apple’s WWDC for this year has been sold out for less than 2 minutes. This is a new all-time record which was set yesterday!

Just like that, all the tickets for this upcoming event which is scheduled to happen in San Francisco, were gone within minutes. Just for comparison, the tickets for last year’s show were sold out for 2 hours. But in 2012, Apple has caught all the developers in their sleep time when they begun to sell their tickets right away after they have announced their conference at 5:30 a.m. This time the company has given a little more time to the developers to advance their notice. The event it’s scheduled to be held in 10-14 of June at the Moscone West Center, San Francisco.

This WWDC represents a mecca for all the third-party community of developers because it’s the only event from developers from Apple for a year. All the other events where a products are unveiled and software released, are taking place at Apple’s press events. There hasn’t been even one event scheduled since Apple has launched iPad Mini back in October.



The ticket for this event which will take the whole week costs $1,599 just to attend. It is made of developer labs and sessions and the previous years it has been stuffed by 1,000 Apple’s engineers. The main draw for all the outsiders which kicks off is the keynote address. The company has a long history for announcing their new products there. Only last year this kind of keynote Apple has used to debut with their new notebooks, first sneak-peak of iOS 6 which was released 3 months later and the price for their Mac OSX Mountain Lion. For this year, Apple announced earlier that they will show their new iOS and OSX versions to all the developers.

Apple is not the only one in these developers events. Google is hosting its Google I/O event in this same location but on May 15. This year’s show was sold out for less than an hour and a year before this it took 20 minutes less. This came as a big surprise because in 2010 this conference took 50 days to sell all tickets.

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