Apple iPad Leads Satisfactory Survey

Sara Cunningham April 27, 2013 0
Apple iPad Leads Satisfactory Survey

Despite the tough competition among tablets, the Apple iPad has remained to manage the ins and outs of the fastest growing technology. Apple iPad is a package of all in one quality that contains the ease of use, durability and features like the quality screen, high speed, and long battery life. As a matter of fact, it has not only reached the highest level but it goes beyond a human technology can imagine, leaving others with very poor rated scores.  According to the latest satisfaction survey, Apple had reached approximately 836 customer satisfactions out of 1,000 respondents, leaving the Kindle Fire the number two position, which has only 829 customer satisfaction.

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The survey was conducted on March 2013. The criteria for ratings are composed five points: styling, cost, ease of use, features and performance.

According to J.D. Power and Associates, manufacturers should understand the dynamic and the mechanism of the technology and should provide excellent experiences and memories for all consumers. This is necessary for future product improvements and innovations because it serves as the basis. When the product receives higher satisfaction and reviews, the consumer increases which lead to the boost in sales through repurchasing of the same product and passed on to family and friends.  When the product receives poor feedbacks, the said product will be improved.

Kindle fire receives a strong point in cost, while Apple iPad receives strong points in terms of performance, styling, design, features and ease of use. Apple will remain to push harder the experimental envelope and will provide exceptional sets of standard when it comes to the consumer’s expectations. Apple being the leading brand is the key of success.

In terms of sales, Apple iPad is the leading technology. Latest tablet user satisfaction survey suggests that being a well-poised technology is the key to stay ahead. For the Apple to remain the leading brand, setting high standards for tablet-consumer expectations will greatly help.

According to ChangeWave, the customer satisfaction of the iPad is beyond the roof, while Kindle hardly beats the level of satisfaction. In a November 2012 survey, roughly 74% respondents of the survey stated high satisfaction of the iPad, while in January survey 54% stated high satisfaction with the Kindle Fire. The combined rate of highly satisfied customers among other tablets was only 49%. The 20% gap between Kindle and iPad supports the fact that many users see Apple as a complete all in one package with excellent services and features.

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