Availability of Skype for Blackberry- Finally Revealed

Sara Cunningham April 27, 2013 0

Before, BlackBerry was famous due to its classy and business-like feature. Today, BlackBerry is famous for its wireless or mobile VoIP because there are plenty of applications and services that permit users of Blackberry to make cheap or totally free calls. However, many users of BlackBerry are not contented and satisfied due to the fact that VoIP is not widely known. For them, Skype should replace VoIP since Skype is known worldwide. The tendency of not knowing specific software is the limitation of calls and communication as whole.

Availability of Skype for Blackberry 2

Skype is more popular than VoIP because rich or poor people can own a Skype account online for free, while not all people can afford to buy a BlackBerry. Communication is an ingredient for any relation, the expert stated.

Managed and acquired by Microsoft, the Skype allows users to interact and communicate through voice calls, video and chat trough telephone networks. There are billions of Skype users worldwide because it is free and convenient.

When BlackBerry announces the release of their latest Q10 Smartphone model in May.1 in Canada and end of May in the United States, Skype was introduced to be a part of the feature. This is a big break because it is the first time. This latest BlackBerry model comes with a physical keyboard that cherishes a core fan base.  Q10 model is also a second device empowered by the new BB10operating system of the company.

During the launch day of Q10, Skype will be available worldwide.  Those who have already owned a Z10 touchscreen need to wait for a few more weeks to obtain Skype. This happens after the software upgrade on OS. The press will announce when the software upgrade is done.

Instagram will be offered in the future, compared to the biggest app base like Google Inc and Apple iOS. The lack of other applications has been the greatest issue of blackberry. But just like Instagram, the issues are yet to be resolved.

Overall, many BlackBerry users are pleased to hear that finally Skype is now available to the system. No doubt, Skype should be available in all systems regardless of the brand and makers because Skype serves as the bridge for every relationship. It provides a totally free call online, cheaper rates for online to mobile calls, and online to telephones via WiFi or independent network (3G). This Skype edition for BlackBerry is free, so you do not need to pay something to avail the software.

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