BlackBerry Q10 to Launch at 4 Major Carriers in US This May!

Sara Cunningham April 27, 2013 0
BlackBerry Q10 to Launch at 4 Major Carriers in US This May!

While the Z10 model of BlackBerry has been on the market for a while, the company has been eager to launch the latest Q10 model, because the BlackBerry Q10 model is the first device from BlackBerry that comes with a physical keyboard. According to Fierce Wireless, the plans of BlackBerry for Q10 are to be released on all four major carriers in the US, to be targeted at the end of May. While AT&T and Sprint have already released a statement with regards to carrying the device, it is certain that the remaining 2 out of four major US carriers which are Verizon and T-Mobile will follow.

When it comes to pricing, the spokesperson of BlackBerry has reported about the availability of suggested retail price at $249 good for a 2-year contract. The price is already direct to the pricing territory, thus continue to be seen if the brand still has cache needed to get users to pay.

Blackberry Q10 to Launch at 4 Major Carriers in the US 2

The Q10 model of the BlackBerry is about to target this May along with the four major US carriers.

According to the reports from The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, the Q10 model will have a price of $249. The four major US carriers which are the AT&T Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp., Verizon Wireless, and the T- Mobile USA Inc have confirmed to sell the phone. Bloomberg noted that a $249 price sets for a two year contract and all buyers should sign up for that. For those who keep on track, it is about beyond $50 higher than Apple’s iPhone5.

Anil Doradla have released a statement that, the Q10 BlackBerry sharp price is a reflection of a business set, than competing Apple. Certainly, the exact availability and pricing always remain in a part of the carrier. Therefore, the statement and decision will depend on the carriers. The things that matter most are the availability and support of the four major carriers in the US. Just after the release of the Blackberry, the retails and touch screen for $199.99 follows.

On the other hand, the Q10 BlackBerry model, have been familiar to the BlackBerry fanatics, since it contains a complete QWERTY keyboard. Apart from the traditional typing style, the Q10 model has a dual-core processor of 1.5GHz, RAM of 2GB, and a flash camera at 8-megapixel. It also has a front-facing camera. The common features include Bluetooth, WI-Fi, 4G LTE and GPS support.

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