Coming Soon: Android Notebooks Priced to Sell at $200

Jasmina Lozevska April 27, 2013 0

You’ve been looking for Android notebooks? – Intel has a surprise for you – they will be here soon and they will cost only $200. Dadi Perlmutter, a CPO in Intel, has announced that the devices which will run on their mainstream core processors will be selling from $399 to $499.  The other notebooks that will be offered with Android OS will be priced $200.

Paul Ottelini, a CEO in Intel, last week has announced that all the touchscreen PCs could have one price tag of $200 in these upcoming months. He didn’t say anything about what OS will be included in these devices. But the other, earlier mentioned, Dadi Perlmutter, has some useful information about us. Two days ago, he said that all the notebooks that will run on Android will have one price tag of $200. He added that these devices will include the Intel Atom processor. And according to him, it’s up to Microsoft if they will mach this offer with their Windows 8 devices.

Intel is making processor chips for the most of the servers and computers in the world, and they said that they are pushing their new computer types because they faced some slowdown at that key market. These kinds of devices move between notebooks and tablets depending on the particular time needed by the users.


Dadi didn’t say what the Android devices will look like but as it seems they will be all the convertible-type notebooks. He added that he is expecting this PC market to get itself together at the second half of this year and it will head toward 2014 with available new devices.

While these cheap devices will run on an Atom chip, the other who will be little bit more expensive, priced at $399 to $499, will run on some higher core from Intel. Just for comparison, Qualcomm is leading in the market because they are offering several multimode LTE chips which are used in some popular devices like the Galaxy S4 from Samsung and iPhone 5 from Apple.

On this behalf, Perlmutter has said that in 2014 Intel will introduce some new mobile chip that will integrate LTE with the same silicon piece like the app processor uses. Intel gained some traction among the smartphones but the important volume is remaining very low. Perlmutter expect this volume to be much higher in the next year.

It’s very vital Intel to make some expansion and head toward the tablets and smartphones as its PC market significantly slows down. This was confirmed by a research made from IDC and Gartner (research firms) earlier this month. They announced that these PC shipment notices some ugly fall in the first quarter of 2013. And they expect these market fall even more during this year.

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