Eric Schmidt: His Opinion About Google Glass

Sara Cunningham April 27, 2013 0

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, admitted that their newly invented Google Glasses can somewhat appear weird and inappropriate to the society in different angle. This statement was announced when Eric has stated his very own recipe. Though not released yet, Google Glasses have already become the world’s most controversial technology.

Google Glass is the newest technology that is currently getting daily buzzes. Aside of being high tech and efficient, certainly not everybody can purchase due to its higher costs. Google Glass includes an image of 50-megapixel, a video with a resolution of 720p  and a flash storage of 16GB merged with Google cloud storage for use about 12GB. The headset holds a WI-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth at a slower level for about a standard of 802.11b/g.

Eric Schmidt His Opinion About Google Glass 2

The executive chairman has also stated that the development of this latest innovative technology has to deal with the new etiquette in the society because it take a snap for photos without the awareness and permission, and the user also has the access to information which he or she only knows.

As Eric verified the fact that there are places which Google Glasses aren’t appropriate. This happens during the incident of Dave Meinert’s 5-Point Café, which they banned the equipment because it takes photos without notifying the subject. According to the café owner, no one loves to see random pictures of themselves on the internet without their approval.

Even though the apps are already revealed the market designed for tablets and Android phones, the executive chairman said that Google needs to pre-approve the whole apps to Google Glass before anything else to get the hearts of the consumers.

Those who ordered the Google Glass for one thousand five hundred dollars will receive them. The sales are expected in 2014.

There are a lot of eccentricities and odds when it comes to Google Glass as well as plenty of stuff which Google has to comprehend. According to CEO Eric Schmidt, one of the most talked things due to the weirdness is the difficulty in controlling Google Glass.

The chairmen have once again stated that new etiquette is introduced to deal with the new cultured society. The questions and realization are important points to discuss and consider. It is a good thing that Google Glasses have been improved and ponder on these things.

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