How It Feels to Live With Google Glass?

Sara Cunningham April 27, 2013 0
How It Feels to Live With Google Glass?

Last year (2012), the world has not heard the wonders of Google Glass, not until the world of technology was on fire towards the amplified reality goggles. Once again, Google has done something extraordinary. It was apparent that Google’s goal of introducing wearable technologies to the world was not that far since people are already expecting it to come.  The notion of Google of people is the creation of a quality product and Google has taken note that. One bad creation means the decline of sales.

How It Feels to Live With Google Glass 2

What Is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a display, battery, camera, microphone, and touchpad built into the frames to display the picture, films, information, translation into the field just within your vision.  It is a data from portable devices (tablets and phones) and desktop computers.

How Does Google Glass Work?

On top of Google’s customized features, Google provides a glimpse of new features designed for the headset. Aside from the films, photos, Google provides hang out software for video conferences, Google maps and GPS to obtain accurate directions. Apparently, the built-in camera does not require a viewfinder since it simply records the perspective of the first person, allowing the user to take photos and footage anytime, anywhere.

Google Glass comes with bone-induction feature that is a verified safe technology. This provides good sound and vibrates your skull upon producing sound. Color options for Google Glass is white, gray, and dark gray. However, there are drawbacks that have been currently improved.

Google Glass Specifications:

The display is 640 X 360. It has a built in camera of 5 MP snapper. This can film approximately 720 p. The flash memory is 16 GB. Both WI-Fi and Bluetooth are built in, but with the exclusion of GPS chip.

The Release:

Despite the popularity, the final date of release has not been announced yet, but a reliable source says that 2014 was said to be the target year for the Google’s big break. However, it is possible that the release will be at the end of this year, 2013.

Living With Google Glass:

Living with Google will make your world go round. It actively depends on your goal setting. The experience of Google Glass is exceptional and unique. What makes it the best is the convenience. However, it needs to adjust the etiquette of the society since it takes photos without warning, and provides an access of information to the user only.

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