Google Glass App Launched by NY Times

Jasmina Lozevska April 27, 2013 1

As soon as it was launched, Google Glass was mentioned in so many good and bad criticism and from it, I’m predicting not so good future for this headset device. But I’m trying to stay positive and soon as it’s made available, the users will be able to do the voting if it’s good or it’s not must-have device.

However, New York Times launched an application for this gadget. It will offer so many basic features which are including automated readings of all article summaries and news alerts.

The New York Times with this new application has become the first third party company that releases installable application for this high-tech gadget from Google. The Glass will be used for interaction with the whole immediate environment. The New York Times released this app to the public for the Glass which has been revealed on SXSW earlier this year.


On their site, which was sent to the subscribers yesterday, the New York Times has offered a simple brief introduction for the application features. They even added a button in order to help the Google Glass owners install this newly launched app on much easier way. They have posted:

“Experience the award-winning journalism of The New York Times on Google Glass. Get Breaking News alerts and hourly Top News updates. Tap to have article summaries read aloud. NY Times service for Google Glass: stay informed while you’re on the go, wherever you go.”

These features which we mentioned earlier include some alerts for breaking news and news updates per hour. You can navigate all the photos and stories just by moving your head up. Yeah, it’s that easy, I know and pretty impressive. In order to hear the article, you just need to do one easy tap and this gadget will read all the summaries of the article to you. The people from Google haven’t posted any response for this and as soon as they confirm this application we will inform you.

According to the first release of this application at SXSW, The NY Times application was shown that will deliver the articles to you in form of byline, headline, images and “hours ago” number which shows when this article was posted. So like we said earlier, this app it’s presented by a third-party company which has made this application in order to let you easier use for the New York Times news.

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