Monitoring and Home Security Service Unveiled by AT&T

Jasmina Lozevska April 27, 2013 1

AT&T is releasing its Home Security called Digital Life and its monitoring service. These two will be available in 15 markets and the price is more than affordable. This came only year after AT&T has announced that they are making their way through the remote monitoring and home security business. Yesterday, this company has announced their first market targets where the service will be made available and of course how much it will cost the users in order to get it.

Today this Digital life security service will be made available in these 15 markets: Austin, Texas; Atlanta; Chicago; Boulder, Colo.; Denver; Dallas; Los Angeles; Houston; Philadelphia; Miami; San Francisco; Riverside, Calif.; St. Louis; Seattle; and some selected areas of the metropolitan area in New Jersey and New York. AT&T will not stop spreading this service here. They have announced that by the end of this year, it will be made available in 50 markets.

Digital Life is a service that lets people do a monitoring and to manage their energy systems and home security just by using a tablet, computer or even using a smartphone. This company installs cameras which are Internet connected and they are putting sensors on window and doors. They will even install detectors for carbon monoxide and smoke along with thermostats door locks and moisture sensors. These sensors and devices will be hooked up to your broadband connection and you will be able to control them trough your mobile device or your computer. There is an application for this Digital Life security service which is available on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.


AT&T has announced this service a year ago and trough the presentation they showed how people will manage this security remotely and view live video right trough the previously installed cameras. Through the remote control, they can even unlock/lock doors or manage the energy system. In addition, the users are able to set up some policies and this management will be done automatically. If some security sensor is triggered the alerts will be sent to the authorities. AT&T has a security team that is available 24-hours.

This service is available in two packages.

1. The first one offers:

  • Simple Security which is the basic package for home security and it includes 24/7 monitoring service with 24-hour backup. Beside this it includes recessed sensors, keychain remote, wireless keypad and installation of indoor siren for $30 per month and additional $150 for the whole equipment and installation.
  • Smart Security that includes all the benefits from the previous service (Simple Security) plus you can choose three of these features: takeover kit, smoke sensor, glass break sensor, motion sensor, carbon monoxide sensor. You will be charged with $40 per month and additional $250 for installation and equipment.

2. Users can choose the more expensive packages which will bring additional services. These are the additional services:

  • Water Control package which will detect leaks problems and it will shut off the water right from the water source. This will cost you additional $10 per month plus installation and equipment.
  • Water Detection package which will detect the water leaks before even the damage occurs. This will cost you additional $5 per month plus installation and equipment.
  • Door Package will allow pet sitter into your home which will be remotely controlled with the previously installed automatic door locks. It can even check and see if your garage door is closed or open. This will cost you additional $5 per month plus installation and equipment.
  • Energy package controls the thermostats, energy efficiency, lighting and appliances for additional $5 per month plus installation and equipment
  • Camera package which allows you to monitor live video from outside and inside the home. This will cost you additional $10 per month plus installation and equipment.

This doesn’t make this communications company the first and only one out there to get into the monitoring and home security business. Verizon and Comcast already are offering their security packages.

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  1. joe  November 18, 2013 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    No sure how AT & T can do installations on Security Installations and Monitoring if they don’t seem to fall under the State of Texas Requirements on Penal Code 1702.

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