Qualcomm Tops Quarterly Results – A Threat to Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry

Jaycee De Guzman April 26, 2013 0
Qualcomm Tops Quarterly Results – A Threat to Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry


One of the largest mobile phone semiconductors sellers is Qualcomm Inc. This was based on the profit forecast on the third quarter. In the world of technology space, the Qualcomm is the blue chip. Its innovation and improvements has pointed out the threat of Apple, Nokia and BlackBerry.

What people do not understand is the fact that the stock is really down, and as far as the fall is concerned, the prices of Smartphone are also falling fastest as expected. With this matter, lots of new developers and inventors of Smartphone have emerged in the market.   As shocking as it sounds but a statement from the Qualcomm company have won the hearts of other consumers, Qualcomm users have launch devices at lesser than sixty days. They are using the QRD or what the company call as Qualcomm Reference Design.

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Seriously, this is not good news for Apple Inc. As the growth increased, the market increased.   When people become saturated for the Qualcomm success, the rest of the technology companies will have to do something about it.


In the emerging markets, the wages of the masses aren’t high enough to pay for the existing high priced Apple products. It has been reported before that Apple has released a $99 iPhone.  This supports that Apple are working hard for the low-end Smartphone. The price of the future release low-end iPhone is not yet announced. One speculation sources confirmed the possible price range of Apple, just about $300 up to $400. The price is actually in contrast present iPhone’s selling price. The strong speculation has reported that the prices of Smartphones are incredibly falling leading to the new low-end Apple iPhone to be unlikely competitive.

The Qualcomm has reported that the quarterly earnings report is typically strong and progressive. One report states that this quarterly report is not for a long term perspective as some investors and analysts predict that this chipset giant Qualcomm Company could face lower payments in terms of loyalty and would face some serious difficulty in Asia.

This largest semiconductors seller stated in the public that their revenue will increase up to $6.3 billion from $5.8 billion in the third quarter. As Bloomberg stated that, the announcement took place when the average prediction stated only a $5.88 increase. Qualcomm expects full range revenue of $25 billion, this year. Hoping that these quarterly results will be steady as the market emerged.

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