The Success of Google: New Tool for Developer Optimization

Sara Cunningham April 26, 2013 0
The Success of Google: New Tool for Developer Optimization

Google has recently added a new optimization developer tool to receive positive feedback on their apps and to reach the standard of the Tablet App Quality Checklist. When the developers upload specific apps, the tools will go through a series of verification against the record. The android was designed for mind scalability, which means building multiple apps are not needed at all. As an alternative, make use of the tools and assets under the rule of one app.

The Success of Google New Tool for Developer Optimization 2

The key part of success is nothing but to take more time. It isn’t easy to build perfect apps, especially those that benefit and look good, such as a great screen dimension and size.

Google has shown a progressively serious pledge to the apps of Android tablets.

What made this a success of Google?

This made another success of Google, since this is an improvement of their apps. Critiques from other people have been very helpful. After resolving these un-optimized, the device can upload newer version or edition that is far better fitted for Android devices larger-screen.

The latest tools permit developers to notice and observe how the app works by going against the basic guidelines designed for quality and distribution tablet app. In other words, when you upload an updated or new version, developers of Android app will get immediate feedback regarding their performance to improve the optimization more and more for the betterment of the Android tablets.

Basically, Android Tablets have started as a super-sized Smartphone, which app wasn’t optimized for bigger screens. This issue has been rampant in 2010, especially their 7” Galaxy Tab.

Google and Apple have different approaches. Apple usually offers specific tablets and phones which will be saved for universal apps), while Google does not support the relationship between the tablet to apps. The company’s focus is to create coding tools and guidelines for their tablets and phones to function properly and work in a better way.

According to the analyst report, the sales of Android tablet may become equal to the sales of the iPad. The figure shows that 43.1% goes to the sales of Android tablet, leaving 48.2% on iPad sales. Take note that it is for shipments, so the figure will increase because of the inventory takes place in warehouses.

With the rise of shipments, Developers in Android must consider the experience of mobile app on Google and tablets. So far, it has done better for two years now.

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