The Status Between Zynga and Legalized Gambling Finally Revealed

Sara Cunningham April 26, 2013 1

Zynga, the creator of FarmVille, was one of the leading gaming companies who venture online, specifically the most popular, Facebook. The real shock about Zynga is the fact that despite the drop of 25%, still got monthly users of 253 million and most people are still playing it with their friends.   It appears to be a success of Zynga to receive a figure.

The Status Between Zynga and Legalized Gambling Finally Revealed 2

The cofounder of named Jon Najarian stated that the company is trying to endure and persist to own a touch of gambling business online. The issue of gambling has not yet resolved. But, considering the fact that US has already considered gambling, Zynga is still alive and waiting until it is fully legalized.  Even though the company refuses to talk about their newly planned venture, it is true that they set up a sort of online casino in the UK, just last quarter. This is still a test, and will be available in US as soon as gambling is fully legal.

Despite the rough competition, many believe that Zynga would survive. The company has been in years providing memorable and pleasurable experience for the users and players. The Zynga Poker has been the largest poker online gaming experience, just about 7 millions of people who play every day, and roughly 30 million every month. When people speak about money, they would fascinate and keep on playing, that’s what gambling is all about. Zynga wants people to get real money out of playing. They are still on active conversations with their partners to have a better understanding and exploration with this newly planned venture.

Zynga is currently fulfilling requirements, in other words, it’s become a major rollout.  One of these 2 requirements will be an acquisition or partnership with the organization on online gambling and the technology.

Currently, Zynga is limited in building mobile and social games. Even for the company that has millions of fans, making bets out of real cash would somewhat prove to be difficult in different angle.

Because of its addictive nature, Zynga has been compared to gambling even without the bet of real cash. Despite that, fascinated consumers chose to spend few dollars just to play.

Besides the Zynga Poker, the most popular Facebook poker has been one among the company’s enduring and long lasting standing titles, there are a lot of sleeping giants aside from Zynga, but Zynga has become an unbelievable monster, according to Sean Ryan, the Facebook director of gaming partnerships.

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