The Arrival of WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 210

Sara Cunningham April 26, 2013 0
The Arrival of WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 210

WhatsApp is a messaging service available for several platforms. Upon installing this application, you can use this service for a year with zero cost. Afterwards, when you decide to continue the service, you will pay only $0.99 per year. Yes, there is a payment involved a year after, but if you think closer, it is just a small piece of cents and totally worth it because relationships and communication to friends and family are priceless. WhatsApp does not charge any cents on your bills. The best is when you have an access to WIFi.

The Arrival of Whats App on Nokia Asha 210 2

WhatsApp actually became popular; leading to numerous ODM wanted their devices to be incorporated for that said app. Here comes the Nokia’s latest model Asha 210, which has a fanatical Whatsapp button.

What Are the Basic Features?

The Android, Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS devices have supported the sending of the multimedia like videos, voice notes, photos, group chat, the NO charges for international transactions and the NO need for a username and pin, the need to log in or out, stored offline messages, contact finder on the app, e-mail chat history, broadcasting messages, customized notification sounds, and location sharing.

 Basically, WHatApps does the similar things. Some features are not widely available, for instance, in BalckBerry.

 The Android and iOS app has some additional features like the capacity to exchange contact information, landscape mode, custom wallpapers, broadcasting messages and message timestamps, as well as the MMS to numerous contacts promptly. One bonus of BlackBerry is the fact that its version supports the blocking of some contacts. This is important for some users.

Why Not Free for Life?

The service provides a year for trial period; afterwards, you are obliged to pay $0.99 when you plan to continue the service. Despite the very low cost it asks, you may be wondering why paying for such service is needed, when Facebook does not ask for payments at all?

Think about it, there are no advertisements. When you compare the service to Facebook, you can automatically point out that Facebook has many ads. On the other hand, WhatsApp do not sell any ads, the purpose for this is to prevent users to suffer or take time to look at the banners. The $0.99 is just a very low amount, indeed.

 Nokia’s Asha 210 has social functions. The device features a big support to Facebook, Twitter, and some other famous e-mail accounts su8ch as Yahoo and Gmail.

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