Google Glass Security Breech: Schmidt Issues Warnings as Glass is Hacked

Jasmina Lozevska April 28, 2013 0
Google Glass Security Breech: Schmidt Issues Warnings as Glass is Hacked

While Schmidt speaks about caution-related stuff,  Google Glass has been hacked. Not very long after Eric were announcing and explaining how the Glass applications work and require an approval from Google, some hacker or a developer gained access to the OS of the gadget. And what in the world does this mean?

The name of the developer or the hacker is Jay Freeman and he goes by the name of “Saurik”. He has been able to jailbreak it during the revelation of the approval which will be required by Google. Jay Freeman is the one of the creators of the most popular Cydia application store for the iOS devices which are jailbroken. He has tweeted an image to his account that was a capture of the dialog for his purchased Google Glass gadget. He has bought them as a developer and he described this device with “Jailbroken ;P”

Freeman has reported that as soon as he realized that this device is running on Android 4.0.4, he started to test some exploits for this OS version. He got these exploits from a hacker who is known as B1nary and claimed that he gave him some root access and gained a full Glass control.  But the thing that concerns the most is that Freeman isn’t the only hacker that was dealing with the Glass. A hacker called Liam McLoughlin has been tweeting this week something about certain explorations in the Google Glass Explorer model.


It isn’t clear what powers will be granted through this superior access. Some news sites have some explanation about this jailbreak. Forbes has made some speculates about what can be used to surround the “brick” treatment from Google which they have been threatening with. The people from IBT described this access as a way for all the developers to make and install their modifications and applications out from the control by Google.

Google has been facing with some backlash against their new gadget. A bar in Seattle has banned everyone who will wear this gadget while sitting there and a West Virginia’s bill from the lawmakers that indicates certain banning for the device. This ban includes wearing this device while driving. Las Vegas casinos are the other banners that have prohibited the users from wearing them into their casinos. The explanation was that this device might help the players count the cards on the blackjack table.

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