More than 50 Million People Affected by LivingSocial Hack

Jasmina Lozevska April 28, 2013 0
More than 50 Million People Affected by LivingSocial Hack

As it seems, hacking happens way too often. The latest target was LivingSocial and the subscribers which number is more than 50 million. The hackers, who are responsible for this hacking, stole all the personal data from these people. This has been reported to be the biggest security breach that happened these years.

The hacking included all the e-mails in LivingSocial which were obtained by AllThingsD, some unknown appeared culprits, birthdates, e-mails, encrypted passwords and the majority of them appeared to belong to the LivingSocial users. This site, partly owned by Amazon, claims 70 million users worldwide. Some of the divisions placed in Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Philippines have remained untouched because all of them are hosted and controlled by different servers.

Robert Hansen, a director of Technical Evangelist and Product Management, said that if they want to put this big breach in perspective, the thing that is important is considering the scale. He added that if there are a billion of people who are using the Internet, the hack represents half percent of all of them. According to him, this can easily turn out to be a catastrophic case, not for the all credit cards which were stolen directly, but from the password reuse. All of the people who have been affected from this hacking need to change their passwords immediately.


On this behalf, Tim O’Shaughnessy, a CEO in LivingSocial wrote that they have experienced some attack from hacker and it resulted in entering the data of the customers directly from the servers. He added that they are working hard to investigate the whole case and resolving the issue. He gave an advice to all the users to create new passwords. They have made a reset to all the passwords. It’s unclear if they do this step for the hacked ones or for the all passwords.

This leaved some unanswered questions like: When did these attacks occur? – And what was the type of the attacks that were used for breaching the security databases?

Wysopal, who is a security expert in Veracode, said that from the data which was stolen with the attacks, the hackers must have used Webb app in order to get into the SQL databases of the site. He said that this is the most frustrating thing in this security world, and if they only knew from where all the causes will occur, they will help the companies to improve their security.

The people from LivingSocial refuse to talk about this and give some more information about the attacks. They just said that there is an investigation ongoing and when it’s time, we will all know the details.

In these past 18 months, LivingSocial is the latest company that has been attacked by hackers. LinkedIn, Zappos and Evernote all suffered compromised user data. These attacks seemed helpless but Wysopal has offered some steps for the individuals in order to set up some protection for themselves. He said that because it’s unclear when this attack has happened, the hackers may be on their path for reaching your e-mail. It’s very important for you to check your mail and see if it has been accessed from some strange places or see if some e-mail messages are forwarded to some other account. He added that if you are using one password for several sites, you need to change them as well.

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