Samsung Galaxy S4 Noted to be “Easy to Fix” By DIY Network iFixit

Jasmina Lozevska April 28, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S4 Noted to be “Easy to Fix” By DIY Network iFixit

This new handset device which had been launched and available for purchasing from some carriers, won some high marks from iFixit for its repairability feature. This site, which performs DIY repairs has reported that Samsung didn’t do much into reinventing the world with the Galaxy S4 smartphone but they did some great job and that is a pretty good thing.

If your newly bought Galaxy S4 smartphone from Samsung suddenly starts to work not like you are used to it, you don’t need to panic or worry at all. This tech site report said that it’s easy to disassemble and repair. The people in iFixit gave this smartphone 8 out of 10 grade for repairing, citing its straightforward assembly and removable battery. They announced that Samsung “didn’t reinvent the wheel”, but they noted that from repairable perspective it is a very good device.

As for the battery, iFixit announced that Samsung is doing so much great for all their users and even for the environment. The complete teardown uncovered some things that we were dying to know them. Under the hood, iFixit has found 2 infrared sensors which were placed on the left and right side of the speaker. These two sensors are allowing tracking all the motions made by your hands and explain the air-scrolling feature without even touching your phone. On first sight it’s the best feature you have ever seen but the practical use isn’t so great.


Synaptics S500B, which is placed right under the screen and powering the touch screen of the smartphone and is extremely supersensitive, gives this phone its gloves feature. This feature enables you to work through the phone without even taking off your gloves. The feature was included in the Lumia 920 smartphone from Nokia and about this they said that it gives them big advantage over the other smartphones from the competition.

The deeper look in the phone shows its LTE chip and the Qualcomm processor to be the major winner which is placed under the hood. The additional audio codec, the components which are included for managing the power and the additional multimode modem, is just something that shows how powerful this smartphone is.

It’s devastating when you see your smartphone broke, but you can rest assured now because this report showed that everything is repairable, even your new smartphone on which you spent some money.

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