AT&T to Take Control of Security Using Smartphones

Sara Cunningham April 28, 2013 0
AT&T to Take Control of Security Using Smartphones

People can now secure their homes while they are away with AT&T’s launching of its new service. Kevin Petersen, the senior vice president, proudly presented the AT&T Digital Life. He said that customer security is important to their customers and their top priority is to build Digital Life to achieve that part. Since people depend on their mobile phones and devices, Digital Life can easily and conveniently secure their homes virtually from anywhere. Below are the features and offers of AT&T Digital Life.

ATT to Take Control of Security Using Smartphones 2

Packages Under Digital Life Service

AT&T offered Digital Life Service in two packages. The following packages are Simple Security and Smart Security. People can either choose a basic option or advanced option. The advanced option allows the user to further customize the security system.

The basic option is Simple Security. It is going to require the subscribers to pay a one-time installation fee of $150 and $30 as a monthly fee. The package features 24/7 home monitoring equipped with an indoor siren, recessed sensors, a Keychain remote, a wireless keypad and a 24- hour battery backup. On the other hand, Smart Security is an advanced option. However, it requires the subscriber to pay $250 dollars as an installation fee and costs $40 as a monthly fee. It includes all the features of the Simple Security plus other custom feature. You can choose a feature from any of the following: glass break sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, smoke sensor, motion sensor, or takeover kit.

In addition to those who will avail the Smart Security Package, the security can be customized further by choosing additional features which include Energy Package, Camera Package, Door Package, Water Control package, and Water Detection Package. These packages each come with additional installation charge and monthly charges. Depending on your need, you may avail one or few additional packages.

Availability of Digital Life Service

AT&T Digital Life is already available for order by customers in around 15 markets. The selected areas are the following: Austin, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, St. Louis and several areas in New Jersey and New York metropolitan area. It is also available in Boulder, Colorado and Riverside, California.

With the features presented, you can secure your home by accessing the Digital Life application on your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phone. The application is available for iOS, Windows and Android Phone Devices. It is also available on most browsers for convenient use.

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